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anonymous - October 22

I am married (have been for a year and a half.) I am now 7 weeks PG. Well since two weeks ago I have been spotting. So far everything is fine. The doctor did advise us not to have s_x till the spotting had stopped. Well since then we have had s_x once ust because we both were in the mood. I did end up bleeding pretty bad but everything is still fine. Heres my deal, on top of spotting and being advised not to have s_x, I don't feel like it :( I feel horrible for my husband. He says it's ok, but I know it's not.... HE'S A MALE! :) I don't even feel like oral (both for him or I.) Plus I'm so tired at night most of the time. What do you guys think? Just suck it up? Any advice from both men or women? What worked/didn't work for you? ANYTHING WOULD BE GREAT THANKS!


male - October 22

if he says its okay then you should take his word for it . He might not be okay but sounds as though he has compa__sion too . I like how you phrased the question 'Just suck it up' lol if that makes you happy or feel better about being tired then go for it .


anonymous - October 22

Thank you for your response! I think I might just do what I don't feel like doing. I want this pregnancy to be enjoyable for both him and I. I also want him to feel included and still loved and not forgetten or something. Geez, I shouldn't have said "suck it up" that sounds so bad! Thank you again!


Tim - October 22

you have to put you're baby's health first. He might like it if you bought him some p___n or toys he could use on himself until everything is ok. Well, that's what I would like my wife to do for me.


anonymous - October 22

Yes, the babys health is both of our number one concerns, but the doctor did say that abstaining from s_x probably wouldn't do anything. She said if it's going to happen it will either way. But my husband is not into p___n or toys. I'm thinking we are just going to have to work together so both of us are good.


Jbear - October 23

Your husband's probably okay with it, like he says. I'm sure he wouldn't want to hurt the baby, or you. He might even be scared to have s_x because of the spotting. I had some spotting in the second trimester during my last pregnancy, only after s_x, and after the second time my husband said he didn't want s_x until after the baby. So we found other ways to enjoy each other, until after the baby was born. Also, it's common for you to have less desire in the first trimester, between the hormone changes, morning sickness and fatigue. You may be more interested in s_x in the second trimester.


kris A. - October 23

I had a very troubled beginning to this pregnancy and ended up on bedrest at 14 weeks to 18 weeks because of bleeding. S_x was absolutely prohibited - bleeding is a reason to avoid s_x and many doctors including my own advised me if I wanted this child then abstain. And we have, for 36 weeks now. Hubby was frustrated, as was I (at times) but our daughter will be here in a few weeks and every thing is worth that - soon we will be back to our old s_xual selves with the added benefit of our brand new baby. dont risk the baby for an evening of fun, it's just not worth it. I wish you luck.


anonymous - October 23

I'm not talking about intercourse, since last time I bled so bad, I'm talking about other things like oral. Neither I nor my husband don't feel like putting our baby in danger.


Tati - November 10

Hey it's Tati I know how you feel. I was 4 months when I started to bleed pretty bad, especially after s_x. My doc said no s_x until next ultrasound that was two months. We did it once because we both really wanted but very slow and gentle I bled just a bit. After ultrasound the plasenta went up so it was ok then another problem infection. So we didnt do it for another month because it hurted and burned very badly after. Now I am on my 34th week and I am no longer in a mood but my husband said thats ok just let him know when I am. So we end up doing it once a week or a week and a half. But he is very supportive and he understand. Sometimes I say just do it fast because I am not in the mood he wont he just kisses me good night and falls a sleep. You have a long way to go. But the good thing is it will get bit better when you are 4-6 months because that is the time you dont feel big yet and you dont have the morning sickness and moods. Good luck I hope you found a way to make each other feel wanted. What we used to do was hug and kiss and roll in bed for sometime before going to bed it worked.


J - November 10

I would recommend getting some KY warming lube for him, and using it on him...I am not pregnant, but when I am not really in the mood for anything, or tired, I will give him a "hand job" with lube...he always enjoys it and it doesnt take alot of work



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