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Heather J - August 23

I am a 21year old who is pregnant and there are two possable men who are the father. Both really want to have a child but somehow I'v missled one man and he belives it's his. And I dont want to do this. Now heres where it gets tricky...I'v had a blood test and it pretty much said that its not him... Im so confused I just told the father it wasn't his so I can make my own choices on my own, but really I can't because this man who isn't the father thinks he has a say in whats going on... I dont know what I should do... Do I tell him it's not his and tell the father it is his? But then now I'v lied to him and trust will be broken I'm so confused eather way I go the trust will fall apart I already have a son and this man has two kids of his own. Should I just keep my mouth shut and not go through with it Please I need some advice


brucen - August 22

I am curious how you already know who the father is. You are still pregnant--right?


Heather J - August 23

I had a blood test that can tell me about what week I got pregnant


Kay - September 14

Hoo, boy. Somebody should get Maury on this one. You'd better tell both of the possible dad's the truth, or else all hell is gonna break lose when they find out the truth.


Oklahoma - September 29

You should be honest with both of them. I was in the exact same situation with my 1st child. Get a paternity test when the baby is old enough. I hope everything turns out okay for you. Good Luck!


Andrew - December 16

My Ex girlfriend is potentially pregnant, thing is we had s_x 5 nights ago, but she had s_x with someone around 3 weeks ago, but then before that we had s_x, so i don't know I'm the father (I'm 17) No matter what I'm staying beside her because she is my whole world, but I don't know if its mine or not, this situation hurts in so many ways, I'd like to know how long it takes to start feeling symptons and if it is more likely this other guy is the father. Some one please help me. please help


Nile 12yrs old - March 29

you sould 've abort it


mandy~ - March 31

as to that comment^ why abort a innocent baby just because of someones elses stupid mistake? heck, lets all use abortions as a birth control!........... i say tell both the possible fathers the truth youll only have a bigger problem as time goes on


Sean - June 24

Yo, me and my wife was are in a similar situation. Its gonna hurt the guy regardless cause I love my wife to death but there are days when i just can't believe she could be so d__n careless and stupid. It happened before we were married and I did not find out to later which p__ses me off even more. I really can't wait til the baby is born cause I want to know so bad the truth. I don't understand how woman can do things like that to good men and complain about how you want the best out of life, but I guess thats just life. I hope things work out for you.


nae - July 23

sweetheart just tell them both the truth.It will be better for u in the long term.For all of u and the child. If something goes wrong and there needs to be testing done and it comes back where the one u have told that he is the father and actually isnt, u will have a bigger mess to sort out than u already do. I know who the father is of my baby to be but, im having trouble trying to tell him so i can imagine what u are going through. Please tell them both the truth and all will be much better ok sweetheart.



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