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Jason - April 11

Im 18 and just found out my 16yr old girlfriend is pregnant im gunna do my best and really try, but im so scared. Any advise out there?


keeb - April 12

If her parents wanted to, they could get you in trouble because legally she is still a minor. You should get a job, or two, if needed and start saving now. If you are serious about doing your best, that will be enough but it takes alot of effort.


Jason - April 13

Thanks. But actually the legal age of consent is 16 so they cant get me into trouble.But her mother is ok anyway.


Daisy Jean - April 13

Do yourself a favor and start reading everything you can get your hands on. This will help your gf a great deal. Not just pregnancy stuff- that's a good start, but also about baby care. Have you been around babies? What do you think you are most afraind of?


Ian - April 15

There's really nothing else to do BUT face your situation like a man. Parents will eventually accept it and look forward to their grandchild - but the initial shock will be overwhelming. There will likely be some tears and some anger. A parent's biggest fear is finding out that their daughter is pregnant, and when they confront the boyfriend about it, he either runs away, or is too stupid to know what to do except stare blankly at the floor. What runs through their mind, is that their child's education will go down the drain and they will amount to nothing and be poor. Here's what you should do: Acknowledge that you messed up big time and made a stupid mistake, and since it's too late to reverse it - you will do the next best thing and handle the situation intelligently. Acknowledge that life will be a lot tougher, with a lot of sacrifices (mention no more partying - or going out - that's what they want to hear), but EMPHASIZE that you feel you can both continue your education while raising a child. Tell them that you feel you can support the child by getting a (second) job. Figure out ALL the things you need to do, and tell them your plans. The ONLY comfort they can have at this difficult time, is knowing that you are being a man and facing the issue maturely. But don't treat this like a script. Actually research high schools/colleges in the area that have daycares, research costs, needs. Make a resume, do some job searching. Back up your facts. All these things will show that you are taking the responsible route and not bailing out like a chump. (as many guys would) If you take your own parents to meet with hers, it will further demonstrate that you already discussed the situation and are taking it very seriously. I think this is the best possible way to break the news, without being chased off her property with a shotgun. Best of luck. P.S. If you are a religious person, now's the best time to say your prayers, seek guidance, and pray for the best.


Meredith - April 18

Im in a simular situation but im 15 not 16. Me and my 18 soon to be 19 yr old bf just had a baby. It can be done but the thing that lacked in our relationship while i was pregnant was that he didnt ever seem to touch me enough to let me know he cared although i know he did and does. Just hold her tight and let her know you are there and everything will be ok. Just know she will be having mood swings and be really sick through the first months


kri - April 21

good for you !! bf is 26 and he is acting crazy!


Kylee - May 1

jason... awww your girlfriend is lucky to have you... not alot of girls are as lucky as your girlfriend is to have a guy like you to be there for her... good luck and just read up and let her know that your there for her through the whole thing good luck and let me know if you need anything keep us posted :0)


Lily - May 2

Jason, I'm proud of you for wanting to do your best to help your girlfriend. I've never been in your situation though, I wish you the best of luck. Because you're 18, perhaps finding a part-time job (if you're still in school) to earn a bit of extra cash to help with doctors bills and baby items would be a good idea. Good Luck.


Derek - May 19

Well If is fritening. first off keep the child. it is scarey at first but it is a rewarding challenge. finish college and get a part time job to help out as much as you can. and stay together.


genevie - May 27

hi jason i am 16 and i just had a baby and my boyfriend is 19 its going to be hard but dont give up just try to get your parents and her parents involve in the beginning they are going to hate you but they will get to love you so dont worry


Jessica - May 27

First of all I want to tell you that you are doing a good thing already. You say you want to be there for her and the baby, all I can say is just do it. Remember you both may get into fights about the baby, money, parenting methods, etc. but remember you are doing this for your baby. That will help you out a lot. I agree with Daisy Jean make sure to read everything you can about pregnancy and child birth also about newborns, toddlers and children that you can find. It'll help prepare yourself for fatherhood and let your girlfriend and her parents know that you are really trying hard and want to be there for her and the baby. That's gonna win you some points even if they are mad at you. Just remember that will eventually lessen and then go away. In the meantime if you don't have one get a job. You are gonna need all the money you can get. Babies are very expensive and you need to show that you are willing to help out financially. God forbid anything to happen between your girlfriend and yourself, but you also need to save some money in an account only you can get your hands on in case she decides later down the road to not cooperate. I know you don't think this could happen but a lot of things can change overnight. One day you weren't gonna be a father the next you are. So get an account save some cushion money and support that baby and GF with everything that you've got.


Lisa - July 4

Erm Jessica, it is Jasons girlfriend here. Don't say that I might spend the money out of our bank account, you don't even know me loser


carl&fiance - July 6

i have an 17yr old fiance who is 2 and a half mnths gone. i am also scared but it is the best thing that has ever happened to me except for meeting my fiance. dont worry mate youll always come out on top and the fact of having a baby shows how much responsibility you will have and prove to everybody especially your girlfriend how much you love her and that you always will. so good luck mate youll b fine!!!!!!!


pat - August 3

Do the best you can man to provide for your baby, and know that this isnt the end, your life isnt over, it will be hard no doubt, but life has not ended you can still get educated and live a fufilling life.



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