New Dad Cookbook

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Jamie - July 5

I'm 35 weeks pregnant with our first, and starting to get paranoid about life after labor. I barely have the energy to cook NOW, so I highly doubt I'm going to want to cook after I have the baby. My husband's idea of cooking is putting a frozen pizza in the oven and maybe checking on it 20 or 30 minutes later. He claims to be perfectly willing to cook for us, but says he doesn't know how to cook the same things I do. Since I cook by instinct, I don't know how to teach does anyone have any VERY simple recipes for healthy, nutritional meals, that i could put together into a "new dad cookbook" for him?


Jbear - July 6

My husband and I divide the cooking sometimes. His specialities: chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and hamburger meat, spaghetti, or hamburger tacos (as long as I buy the lettuce that is already shredded). I cook when I want real food. Maybe your husband could make some of the frozen stir fry meals that include the meat and the sauce, or if you have a crock pot he could put a roast in it. Sometimes it's harder to tell my husband how to do something than it is to do it myself. It sounds like you like cooking, so maybe your husband could take care of the baby while you cook each evening...personally, cooking is so much easier than taking care of a baby, because you already know exactly what the dish your cooking wants, it doesn't make a whole lot of noise, and you don't have to hold whatever you're cooking for hours until your arms ache...not that babies aren't fun, but cooking is so much simpler. Restaurant food is also good right after you bring the baby home, because you can eat from the cartons with plastic silverware, and have no dishes to do.


Jbear - July 6

Oh, I you have a George Foreman Grill? My husband can make perfect grilled chicken b___sts on it, or hamburgers or sausage. (He can't clean it, though...) I think when they put the name grill on something men like it more, you might get one for your husband.


Jamie - July 6

No grill, no crockpot, and I can't stomach frozen meals - couldn't even before I got pregnant. I have problems digesting preservatives. Restaurants aren't really an option either, as we live in a very small town in Germany, and so don't know where restaurants are, what foods they use, etc.


Jbear - July 7

The crockpot's a great thing to's not that expensive, and you throw the food in in the morning, turn it on low, and leave it cooking all day. It's great for cooking meat that's too tough to broil. I make chili and stew in mine, too. It's funny, I don't even remember cooking after my daughter was born...I know I did, because we didn't starve, but it just doesn't stand out in my mind. I remember endless loads of laundry (I had no dryer and used to drape all the laundry over the railing on the stairs) but I don't remember a single thing I cooked.


Jamie - July 7

I doubt we can afford "not that expensive" - my husband is a PFC in the U.S. Army...he barely makes minimum wage. Do you happen to have, or know where I can find, recipes that don't require new purchases beyond the food itself?


WI - July 7

Heres jamie. heres a great site. I didnt post the actual recipies because theres so many. Its very well organized aswell


Jbear - July 7

The crockpot costs $20 or less. My husband is a security guard and I can't work right now, so believe me, I understand being on a budget. (Have you read some of those posts about whether to get the $500 stroller or not? And about buying thousand dollar cribs? I think I've spent about $150 on all my baby stuff together and anything I haven't got we're going to do without.)



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