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Me - September 30

My boyfriend and I became pregnant after only two weeks of seeing one another. He has two other young children already and feels that this is just a routine to go through. How do I get him to understand how important it is that he and I take this time to bond and share in the pregnancy together? I need him to be emotionally available and he's not. What can I do?


Jen - September 30

Because this is your first and his third. to him I can see it is routine.. hes done it twice before right. You will feel all the first of everything all new and exciting, probably drive him nuts by saying " oh feel feel." lol.. dont be too worried about him not being involved in the pregnancy though because he really cant feel what you are feeling, just try to get him to rub your back and be as close as possible.. Best thing is be your own best freind let him ask you how yur feeling, dont make a big deal out of it. Its a long pregnancy, if you push too hard he will get sick of hearing about it and who knows how he will react..maybe get him to come to the first ultrasound, thats a cool thing for the dad to see, reality will set in.... Dont be needy, that turns guys off. you want him to stay with you through this dont you? good luck, and youll get all the emotional support right here... good site for questions, worries. rants etc.. good luck and congratulations.. I am workng on my forth.. its still exciting to me..only something we can truely enjoy......men dont have the capabilty of feeling what we do...:)


to ugh and also to to ugh - October 29

I'm going to take a chance on this one ... my guess is that myself and everyone else heres that same line face to face at least once a week or more , some people are sincere when they say it and others are just plain old malicious but there is no need to bring that issue here and besides it has nothing to do with what the persons question is and even worse this is a pregnancy site ..."ugh" you're very lame . Me; you are probably right about the routine thing but don't let the magic of it all bother you because when that baby comes your whole world is going to take on a new meaning . Keep on him and hopefully he'll wake up to your feelings so what if he finds you a little corny I bet he loves your actions and feelings just the same .


Ugh - October 30

to Me, whats important is that it is special to you, sit down let him know that it is not just a routine with you. If he is still acting like it is not a big deal then let him act that way, you can be excited for the both of you. I am wwwwwwwwwayyyyyy more into this baby thing then my boyfriend but he is warming up and this is his first, at least your man has a better excuse


to ugh - October 30

that was not Ugh in the poster above it was "to ugh" I mistyped


please - November 19

I am surprised he even stuck around after two weeks of seeing each other. It hard to get someone who you've only known for two weeks to be "emotionally available" you don't even know each other! Try to talk to him, I hope it works out.


Lesley - November 20

to please, they might know each other. Just because they had only been seeing each other for 2 weeks doesn't mean they have only known each other 2 weeks.


yes - November 20

If you've been together for only 2 weeks, it is hard to establish a huge emotional tie concerning this pregnancy. Of course it is a bigger deal to you, it is your body dealing with it! That being said, my best friend became pregnant just 1 month after starting to date the daddy. Their son is now 2 and they got married a month ago... it all worked out well for them!



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