Please Give Me Some Advice Men Going Crazy

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mg - May 1

I really need some help trying to understand my husband. My husband is very shy and private when it come to s_xual stuff. He doesnt like p___n movies and he doesnt enjoy dirty magazines. He does however have one website on the internet that he visits. Its not really a bad website, it just has average women from (18-55) who post pictures of themselves, the website also has jokes ect. It the past I have checked his side of the computer, and never found anything other then this website. Hes very honest and has good morals, I dont things he is doing anything bad. But heres the problem if I ever bring it up, like saying I dont care if you do it, but sometimes I just feel insecure about it. He gets SOOO mad, like I have never seen him about anything. He says I am acusing him of stuff he not doing, and he doesnt want to talk to me about. He wont listen just gets extremely angry and leaves. So I guess I am wondering why this is such a sore spot for him, to make him so mad? Is it just that he is so embaressed that he responds this way. I really dont think he doing any thing bad, and I am a very open person. But this is so upsetting becouse it makes me think that maybe he is hiding something. I am hoping its just that he is very shy and feels caught when I bring it up.


adam2 - August 18

that does sound like a pretty suspicious reaction, but you never know. maybe you could try opening the doors on that topic by getting a p___no and presenting it to him. say that YOU are into this, or that you just want to watch one, and you'd prefer to watch it with him. just a suggestion, but you know him better than i do (obviously) so take this at face value.


ChattyKathy - August 19

I know I'm a girl, but I'll respond anyway. I think he just got embara__sed and uncomfortable by you confronting him about it. He's probably looked at it before and felt "dirty" or guilty about it, so he doesn't like bringing it up again.


Tapanga - November 17

When my boyfriend got over reactive to seemingly insignificant things, it turned out he had been cheating on me online. I work with computers all day long, but he managed to hide it from me for a good few months.



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