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Rob - December 28

Im 18, my girlfriend is 16 and we have a 3 week old daughter. Things are just going crazy. She planned to get pregnant and played some pretty nasty tricks to get pregnant, but anyway it happened. I love my daughter to bits but her mom just doesnt do anything for her. Shes fed and changed her a handful of times since she was born and shes going mental at me. I had to throw her out last night and tell her to stay at her moms for the time being cos she was yelling and screaming at me and scaring our daughter and she was hitting me and split my lip and when I locked myself and our daughter in the bedroom she kicked through it. Ive heard of depression after having a baby but this is mental. What should I do??? I've got to go back to work next week and Im even scared to leave her on her own with my daughter. I know shes probably realizing she shouldnt have planned a baby so young but she has to get on with it. ??????????????


bfm - December 29

god Rob sounds like my ex husband.. get her to go see the doctor.. or get her mom to help out.. protect that baby..... get a nanny or your mom to help out.. dont leave her alone with that baby.. some mother kill their babies.. id be afraid of that right now...why does she get so mad/


Jenn - December 29

OMG.. if she is isnt helping ..Breast feeding that baby and not helpin her..and going physico.. you main concern is that babies safety....... scares me that someone that young has had a baby and has no clue how to deal with it.. get help asap.. social worker or community services or something!!!!! please keep dont leave her with the baby.......alone anyhow....!! wheres your mother/ get her to help u out or hers.....ur babies saftey is your main concern...depression is usually a sign of post partum not going Pyhsco..


Rob - January 3

Thank you both. I'm going to try and get her to see a doctor. Shes still not back, even after our daughters been poorly. She hasnt been to see her. Thanks again.


mommy 2 - January 19

if your serious about geting her help then next tiem she hits you or causes distruction call the police..i understand the it can be scary and you dont want to get ther in trouble but they can put her in counceling and get her help, your baby deserves a mom and dad if its possible but with out help it looks like she may only have you. 16 is young but anger like that can only get worse she may turn on herself one day and that is just as bad. Good luck and your in our prayers.



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