Post Preganacy Gift Ideas

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DP - November 29

Hi. I was hoping any/all of you moms out there could help me with figuring out what to get my wife after she gives birth. She's only about 2 weeks from our due date and I would like to get her something nice to give her after she has the baby b/c I'm sure you all know she deserves it. Please help me with a few possible ideas. Thanks. -Dad to Be


Karen - November 29

Um.....a nap? Kidding. What about a really nice silk robe, to suprise her in her hospital bag, or a gift certificate for a ma__sage, or day spa type thing.


....... - November 29

You can never go wrong with jewelry.. how about a nice necklace with a dangle that has your childs birth stone?


Lacy - November 29

DP, I just wanted to say that is VERY thoughtful of you! How sweet of you to buy your wife a gift. You are RIGHT! She does deserve it! Both of those above are really great ideas...but my husband got me something similar. He got me a "family ring" which I thought was really cool. It had my stone, baby's and my husbands. It was so beautiful!


kr - November 30

DP, are you taking some time off after the baby comes? That would be the greatest gift to give her. If not can you arrange for famliy and friends to help her? Get a calender for the month or two after the baby comes. Go from volunteer to volunteer asking people to highlight days that they could be on call for your wife. Have them write their phone number and a message in their own writing that they want her to call them for anything. Some might even be willing to take overnight shifts, do groceries, cook dinner,laundry or watch the baby while she showers. Is she a jewelry gal? I like the ideas of the above posts, especilly since she may not be willing to spend money on something just for her for quite a while.


Mommy - November 30

Just an idea, why not give her a day at a spa? Believe me, women need to feel beautiful, especially after having a baby. I agree that it's a very sweet thing you are doing for her. Whatever you get or do for her I'm sure she'll love it.


........ - November 30

I wouldn't have wanted a day at the spa, and I couldn't have used it anyway.. I b___stfed so couldn't be away from my daughter for more then 2 hours. plus I didn't want to be away from her for a MINUTE! Just something to think about when choosing.


DeAnne - December 2

A comfortable reclining chair or rocker would be a great gift. If you are looking for something that is less expensive and your wife planns on b___stfeeding think about 3 or 4 nice squishy pillows to make her moer comfortable or a prettu nursing nightgown with a matching robe. Another idea would be a pretty water pitcher with matching gla__ses that could be left out on a table so she can reach it while nursing.


Jamie - December 6

Clean the house - I would've loved it if my husband had cooked or cleaned.


D - December 10

I agree with the cleaning of the house. You may not have time to do that either. If you want to hire a crew to come in and take care of it. It drove me nuts that my house wasn't clean when I came home and there wasn't anything I could do to clean it. The same goes for meals. There are some great places that have wonderful frozen meals. To not have to think about what to cook, let alone cook, would have been great!



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