Pregnant And He Says He Doesnt Love Me

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becy22 - October 8

Hey, im 22 i have been with my partner for 7 years since we were 15.. we were engaged.. have a house and 2 dogs the typical fairy tale life. we spent the last 7 months trying to get prego and finially we are. just a week before i found out i was pregnant he told me that he is not in love with me ne more. so i left the house and went and stayed at mums. he called me back home and said he loves me and stuff. we slept together and then he said he still didnt wanna be with me. he has been cooking me dinner and lunch making sure im ok. we have still been sleeping together and everything as if we are together. he has been staying at home with me and spending all his time with me. i said i cant do this i want to sell the house cos i still love u and this is making me sick. he said he is not saying if he wants to be with me of not till the baby is born, he said it probably will be a no but he is not deciding till then. i love him so so so much i just dont understand where this has come from. how can a man be in love and want a baby and then the next be so cold. i aks if it was another women and he said no and he hasnt been on his phone of going out no where just been at home on his holidays. what should i do


Tory1980 - November 4

Personally if it was me I wouldn't give him the option - I would be leaving him. Waiting until after the baby is born is no good to you. If he wanted out of the relationship before the baby and has said more than likely that will be the way he wants it after the baby is born them you need to sort yourself out asap. You are going to have a baby soon enough and you need to make decisions before the baby arrives as to how you are going to cope etc. You obviously can't rely on him being around and it sounds like he is using you to get what he wants. He can still be there but as for the house the sooner you sell it the better as you will be more sure footed financially with the little one coming. Making you dinner and checking you are okay is fine but as for the s_x - no way! Seems he likes the idea of having you around at his convienience. You are worth more than that and being together so long he should have respect for you and your feelings and stop messing you around.


mjvdec01 - December 2

well said!


Cat24 - December 13

becy22 unfortunately it sounds very clear to me that this guy does NOT LOVE YOU. You have to wake up and smell the coffee love! he is using you as an easy way to sleep with someone for free! thats why he is not telling you a 'yes' or a 'no'. he is playing you like an absolute puppet and you havent got the strength to say ' i dont deserve to be treated like a piece of meat, i deserve to be loved and therefore i dont want to be with you'. i had an ex who did this to me, except i wasnt stupid enough to keep sleeping with him because i know men dont have emotional attachments to s_x like us women do!!! he said he would tell me in 3 weeks a 'yes' or a 'no'. so i decided 'sod that, i dont deserve this rubbish' and i got rid of him by myself using my own strength and going with my gut instincts!!! he was shocked to no end as he couldnt believe i had dumped him. 2 years on and i am now with my soulmate, in our own house with our much wanted baby on the way. you can have your fairy tale hun, but you dont need it with a guy who thinks its hilarious to sleep with you and then treat you like c___p. cut that string he has you dangling on and in a few months time you will feel so so much better for taking that step!!! you deserve better.



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