Pregnant Girlfirend Broke Up With Me

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MB25 - January 7

We dated about 4-5 years ago, but we were both young and really didnt know what we wanted at that time. After that she had gotten pregnant from another guy who she wasnt with untill their daughter was about 6 months old. While that was goin on I realized I was totally in love with her and knew she was the only one for me. She had just gotten out of that relationship with her daughters father about 5 months ago, she said she was only relly with him cause she thought it was the right thing to do for their daughter. We got intouch with each other and come to find out she always had strong feelings for me and loves me as well. So weve been together for about 4 months now and everything was great, Best time of my life. I meet all of her family they all loved me and I them. Now she is about 12 weeks pregnant with my child. About 3 weks ago it just all went downhill. Basically not having anytime for me at all, I havent even seen her in 2 weeks now. So I start to talk to her about it and basically she said she cant be in a relationship right now she needs time to her self. She is off all her medications and her hormones are goin crazy, she said between a mixture of both those she is a totally different person and has no feelings what so ever for a relationship. And that everything happened way to fast and she is confused. Now Im here alone no one to talk to and its just eating me up inside, i miss her so much and its just really so hard without her. sorry if i ranted on to much here. just need to ge that off my chest and wanted to see if anyone ehre had any insights or advice for me. thanks for reading


ms. optimistik - January 9

You know thus my screen name!!! I like to be positive and think that maybe it is the hormones, maybe it is too much for her to handle at this moment....she is scared of what she just went thru not to long ago with the other father. Give her space, but let her know you are there if she needs a shoulder or a punching bag!!!! As for you if she decides that she is done with your relationship, it is not fair for her to decide that for the unborn child....let her know you want to go to the doctors and you want to be there for the baby's birth and after...even if it means that you are not a couple. That baby needs all the love in the world and she will need a break every now and then too!!!! Good luck!!!!!!


Cat24 - February 5

MB25 are you 100% sure you are the father, as it didnt seem a long time between her splitting up with her long term partner, then getting with you and then suddenly being 12 weeks pregnant! don't want to be a pesimist here but it sounds like she is a clingy kind of girl who is 'needy' of a man in her life. i personally cant understand why at this moment in her life she would not want to be spending as much time with you as possible (afterall she did declare she loved you whilst being with her ex)! it sounds like she is facing her guilt now. if i were you i would stay away, let her know she can contact you if need be and that you will be supportive of her. sometimes in life you have to be pesimistic and find out the truth, rather than sugarcoating it and putting it down to her just being 'crazy or hormonal'.


grumpydory - February 13

You know, i would just love to tell you what a great guy you are, and she'll come around once she see's that, I on the other hand had the issue where my boyfriend and i split b4 i even knew i was pregnant, when i told him i was pregnant he told me i was lying, until i showed him the positive pregnancy test and the first ultrasound picture. he doesnt want to be with me but heaven forbid if i i went on a date in the first few months of my pregnancy. I wish he would make up his mind. i cant handle the jealousy. my point is i know what it feels like when the person your sharing a child with doesnt want to be with you


Cat24 - February 19

MB25 i think you should find out whether the baby is in fact yours after the baby is born because unfortunately it seems a bit too suspect. i know of girls who have got with a new guy whilst secretly knowing they are pregnant, and then proceed to tell this new guy that they are indeed the father! its better to know than to never know.



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