Pregnant Girlfriend Wanting To Leave

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william11 - November 14

My girlfriend is pregnant. We met about a month after my divorce and she got pregnant immediately (accidentally). She has recently moved here from 800 or 900 miles away and knows very few people here. We decided to have the baby and became excited about it. Considering the circ_mstances we had a seemingly pretty good relationship. About a month and a half later we got in minor arguement, She replied that she would just move back home, where her friends and family are and I would never see her again. She hasnt spoke to me for about a week and a half now. She said she just decided we were not compatible and to leave her alone. Is this prt of the mood swings? She seems serious? What do I do?


brandie922 - November 18

I don't get the "mood swing" or "hormonal" thing that people keep talking about. Me personally, I'm 25 weeks and haven't suffered these at all. So it's hard to say that this is her case. Has she been displaying any other "irrational" actions? That would be the only way to really judge whether or not this is a mood swing. BUT you said she had moved to a place far away from family and friends. That could scare a girl to death. My DH lived over 300+ miles from me when we started dating. I was visiting every weekend and when was considering moving down there with him. Once we started talking about trying to concieve I thought long and hard about how I would feel so isolated without my support system being there. So he ended up moving here and things have worked out great. Your g/f didn't have this luxury. She is probably scared as hell and was looking for a way to get back to her family and your minor argument was the way to go. If you can get her to talk ask her if she is concerned about being so far away from her family. If she is adament about the move then there is nothing you can do about that BUT stress to her that she is carrying your child too and you will want updates and contact about your child and will be seeking rights for visitation etc once the child is born. That's the best you can do. No matter how much we want to change someones mind we can't. Just be rational and hope she comes around but if not do what you can for your child.


Teddyfinch - November 27

brandie, hun, get real. what woman would admit they have mood swings? william: she's probably stressed about being away from friends and family and being pregnant isn't easy. have you guys talked about it?


brandie922 - November 28

Teddyfinch, I personally have known LOTS of prego women that admit to mood swings. Heck just look at the number of women in this forum that do! Not all women are affected by the hormonal changes. That's a fact. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.



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