Pregnant Wife Is Mean Help

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David - June 5

My dear wife is 7mo and I'm scared of her. She is so mean these days. I know it must be the hormones. She's always screaming and on the verge of telling everyone off when we go shopping. Is anyone else dealing with a pyscho mom-to-be?


Jbear - June 6

I am a psycho mom-to-be, and there's not much your wife can to to control her temper. We just start to feel so miserable, too hot, too big, too tired...the list goes on and on. I was a lot b___hier during my first pregnancy than I am this time, and most of it was directed toward my husband (I was asleep when my first daughter was conceived). This time I am mellower, but I've had the same urge to tell people off when I'm shopping, in fact I have told people off...and it makes me feel better. There's nothing you can really do to calm her down, just tolerate her for now, and know that she'll mellow out after the baby's born (or at least once the baby sleeps through the night). I actually apologized to my husband after I had my daughter, and thanked him for putting up with me. Of course I took it all back when I got pregnant this time! Good luck, and it will get better.


Jamie - June 6

Psycho mom-to-be here too...hehehe, I yelled at a shoe salesman on Saturday for telling me that they don't make a particular size of shoe, and that when I bought that size before, I must've been buying kids was pretty funny, in retrospect, but man it made me so mad. Your wife probably knows that she's being unreasonable and ridiculous...and in all honesty, that's probably making it worse. It's HARD when you realize you can't control your emotions, cause it kinda feels a bit like going crazy. And, to be going crazy on top of feeling like a beached whale, while having a growth kicking you 24/7...the last trimester is NOT pleasant. Plus, I know I (unreasonably) resent my husband, cause HE gets to sleep through the night and doesn't have to pee every 20 minutes and HIS ankles don't swell up to the size of softb___s.


Kerry - June 8

For David hang in there things will get better I was also nasty with my husband We can't help it hormones are raging and your whole body is changing she does'nt mean it just try to stick it out remind her that shes beutiful and that your amazed that shes so strong to be able to bring your baby into the world try and help her remember that there is a end to all the fustration. most of us just need to be reasured that were normal I use to yell one minute then cry the next for no real reason hang on and good luck


jay - June 28

I feel you mines went nuts to she like then she cus me out then she love then I just be like what the hell is going on im a little scared my self here she comes


jake - June 28

hey jay... i think its realy normal for pregnant moms to be carnky, I went thru the same thing with my wife. And thankfully, it wore off after our baby was born..hang in there buddy....


Jessicca - July 1

I am a psycho-mom, I have terrible road rage and I get angry off of everything. 34 weeks pregnant/8 months. I am sooooo sorry...but blame it on hormones! My finacee ignores me or laughs about it...he is not scared of me (at least he admits it) but he tries to make things bette for me. He knows life is really hard when a women who is pregnant for the first time. He treats me out to dinner when I'm having a bad day or ma__sage my back, takes me for a ride, baby shop with me...things that makes me happy. Find things that make your wife happy, treat her out. If your not scared talk to her tell her you feel really uncomfortable when she screams at other shoppers. The main thing for your relationship is to TALK!


kenny - July 5

No bro, just tell her you love her and agree with everything she says


Jessica F. - July 7

Yep I deal with on all the time. ME it's something that isn't easy for me but since I am used to being a b___h I am getting used to it.


kp norris - July 18

I feel your pain!!!! I can't do anything right!!!!


s - July 19

sometimes medication is needed. That was the case for me. Depression set in very early. You may try talking to her doc.alone!!! My husband did before I would have killed him but I'm thankful now.


Larry - July 21

Dude whats wrong with you??? My wife has been pregnant for the last 2 years and she's sweet as pie. Actually she doesn't even want to go into labor????


Danny - July 28

for David..hey the same wife is 8 moths pregnant..our 1st baby boy..she is so mean bro..some days i feel like running away..but i guess it normal for them to be like this..sometimes she tells me so many things that i feel left out..i guess we have to hang in there bro..i hope that when she give birth she not like this....Lady u girls think that she is going to change??good lock bro...


adrian - July 31

This is not our first child! I love my dear wife but she is horrible. I returned to work 3 weeks after our son was born (i am a firfighter) so I feel I am on vacatio now being gone from the house 24 hours. , coming home scares me. She ruthless she's very aggressive, she's not taking care of herself, she leaves the house all night to come home in the morning. She has changed os much since she became pregnant. And things were awesome prior to pregnancy. She's a cop and used ot be a firfighter so I know its not my schedule? I need help


Kirk - August 3

Dude your not alone trust me, im 20 and my girlfriend is 19 and she is about 2 months along and man let me tell you all she does is yell and scream at me, no matter what i do. I could come home with a dozen roses and she would look at them and probably yell at me because i didnt include baby breath. Will it stop after? i have no clue this is our first child, but all these people in here say it does so hang in there, guess we will both have to.


brandon - August 8

hey man, my wife is pretty crazy aswell...i guess its just one of those things you know? god, only if they relized how insane they drive us guys.


sts107b - August 12

Mine says she is not sure wether she still wants to be with me and stopped saying she loves me. Every time you try to show affection, try to put my arm around her or pretty much touch her in anyway she gets mad and stops me. But yet if you don't give her a good night kiss she gets very p__sed. But yet we still run around together of course I have to put up with all the criticize . I do everything I think might help her, I fix little snack trays for work buy her flowers ext... but of course I get yelled at because I spent money on the flowers. Does this stuff end? is the second trimester a little better like they say. Please give me some rea__surance. Oh and by the way before she got pregnant we were planing our future.



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