Pregnant Wife Is Mean Help

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sts107b - August 12

Mine says she is not sure wether she still wants to be with me and stopped saying she loves me. Every time you try to show affection, try to put my arm around her or pretty much touch her in anyway she gets mad and stops me. But yet if you don't give her a good night kiss she gets very p__sed. But yet we still run around together of course I have to put up with all the criticize . I do everything I think might help her, I fix little snack trays for work buy her flowers ext... but of course I get yelled at because I spent money on the flowers. Does this stuff end? is the second trimester a little better like they say. Please give me some rea__surance. Oh and by the way before she got pregnant we were planing our future.


worried dad - August 13

yea this is crazy, right when my wife got pregnant i had to deploy to iraq ive been away her whole pregnancy not to mention when i get back we had plans to move to my duty station, im hoping that her hormones, moving away and me not being there is the reason she says she doesnt love me and dosent want to be with me anymore. i got 4 months till i go back but i dont know wat to expect from her... is this normal?....


js - August 15

worried dad - wow! Thank you for being over there. I know it sucks to be away. My dh was TDY 4 months and I found out I was pregnant a week after he left. So speaking from a military wife's point of view, it's hard. I know of what she is going through. She is worried about her future, the move, the baby, her body, you. Everything at once plus all the hormone changes. It's easy for her to say she dosn't love you because you are not there right now. Give her time and a little space. She'll come around. Is she with her parents? If she is isolated, that could make matters worse, make sure she is with family or friends while you are gone so she has a support network until you return. I hope it all works out for you. It did with my dh and me.


worried dad - August 15

yeai hope she does come around thanx 4 thhe advice


worried dad - August 15

ur welcome js and yes se is with her parents right now, we been married about 8 months and both of us young, she is due in a few days and i hope she does come aound cuz its hard to picture being without my wife and son


Puck - August 25

Oh thank you thank you thank you for this discussion board. I'd actually split up with my girlfriend because of her behaviour just before she realized she was pregnant. Now I know! It's gonna be a long haul ahead but if there's light at the end of the tunnel then I'm up for it. (Being a daddy is going to be so cool!)


Whatever - September 5

My wife has been better than most I think. She is pretty level headed... but now she about 10 days away from having the baby (our first) and I feel ya! All of a sudden, I cant do anything right. Us men have feelings too, needs... but I guess we just have to "man up" and take it! It'll be worth it in the end. Good luck


Tara - September 5

I am the same way,extrememly mean and at the time i feel that "I'm Right" until all is said and done then i start crying for being so mean or i can go hours ignoring anyone who steps in my path,being pregnant is such an emotional roller coaster..i can't wait to be normal again!!


Puck - September 5

At least you girls KNOW it is happenning to you AND can perhaps do/say something afterwards to make up for it?????? What if a girl (my girlfriend) just seems to be using it as an excuse for her normal behaviour? (We haven't known one another that long.)


Tim - September 6

She can't help it at all. Maybe you could try to tell her how scary she is in a very nice way, so she can maybe at least see how upsetting it is, but you must be gentle and understanding b/c she can't really do anything about it. Bring her flowers, and just try your hardest to be very loving. It will be worthi it in the end, for both of you.


Understand - September 8

I know how you feel my wife is the same way she goes off on everyone that crosses her way. Also everything you do is not good enought for her you try very hard to please her and at times she goes off on you. Its the hormones and its almost over and I bet we both cant wait.


Hi - September 25

I was a tad off the deep end when I was pregnant. That was over three years ago and I still feel bad about it. I would just advise you to go with the flow, and take a break from the situation as often as you need to. You can always go for a walk or run to the convenience store for a soda, or whatever. It should pa__s after the baby comes. If it persists after that, then you need to talk!!! I hope all is well in your marriage and that you have a healthy, happy baby. Good luck!


Eddie - October 20

I need help! I am not being there for my pregnant girfriend if she start showing negative emotion I get ten times more p__sed off, subjects like religion come up (me Catholic her Christian) and we just go at it like doggs but of course I must win. My ? is what should I do first before I go over board with my pregnant gf? what techniqe is out there so I could calm down without hurting my gf or my baby with stress? help...


Puck - October 20

Just remember that your girlfriend has been hijacked by aliens. The real her is still inside so there's no use fighting her on anything. Avoid ever raising any topic where you think you will both disagree, do lots of nice things for her (buy her flowers... that sort of stuff) Try to do things that will avoid the stress in the first place. And when things get bad ... go for a walk. Don't go drinking or anything else, that will only make things worse. Just go walk. And talk to your mother, sisters and female friends. Ask them for advice and help. (PS Catholic IS Christian. Besides, Christians, Jews and Muslims all follow the same God. Why argue about it???) :)


old post - October 20

the woman was 7 months pregnant 4 and a half months ago... she is now either cured or a psycho mom. David really doesn't need any advice now. OLD POST OLD POST OLD POST


Help - November 2

My wife is about 1 month pregnant and is terribly angry at everything I do and am -- she is beginning to direct it toward my family and express her disgust with me in front of them and others. In addition to worrying that she will leave, I am afraid she will continue this behaviour in front our child. Does it end or is this learned behavious that carries on after delivery? While I can live with her anger directed at me, she also asks that I do thinks like agree with her that my family are a bunch of jerks. Are there limits as to what a husband should reasonably give in to? Worried Dad: thanks a lot for being there -- good luck.



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