Pregnant Wife Is Mean Help

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albatross - June 16

In response to the original question, albeit three years ago (!!!!), (hm, I wonder how they made out?). heck yes! I did the old google search for 'wife prgant crazy' and arrived here. I read and they said in cla__ses that your wife might be crazy when pg, but DANG! Baby is 36w0d tomorrow, and for I don't know how long, my wife will be supremely crabby one minute and then 15 minutes later totally opposite, and of course it is always my fault when she's mad about something. If I am not in motion, she will give/"order" me something to do, and it always has to be NOW. I gave up on logic or reason, there is none. ONly thing to do is agree and do everything she wants. I swear, I dread coming home at night. It's like living with a psycho who switches moods all the time between angry and calm/happy. I want to start to spend more time in the yard or exercising or at work just to stay away.


Help911 - August 6

I dont know what to do i feel like i am gonna lose it she has been so mean latley. we are going on are 8th week. and i feel like nothing i do is good enough for her i make her lunch and bring it to her every day. I tell her she is beautiful and i kiss her and rub her back and her belly. I tell her how much i love her every day and how much she means to me and thank her for giving me this wonderful miracle were going to have together. I just wish she would tell me how much i mean to her and make me feel like i am with her during this whole thing. All i ever do is try to make her happy maybe one day she will see how wonderful i am to her. I love her so much


Yzf450rider - August 6

I know EXACTLY how you guys feel! my pregnant fiance in deffinitely NOT the same girl i asked to marry! she is about to go into her second trimester and i have hell to pay everyday. Nothing i do is good enough, everything i say is insensitive, just being in the proximity annoys her to the point that i cant talk to her with out getting yelled at. i know its the "hormones" but wow! thesae pregnant girls need to give us a break! we bust our humps trying to give you the world and make you happy during the nine monthes,.....and 18 years afterward! haha... anyway, here is what i posted on another forum, i thought i may share with you all...... "I love my Fiance more than anything and we would do anything for eachother. being recently engaged (3 weeks now) i would have imagined feeling more love from her than ever befor. But with her being neer the end of her first trimester i feel so emotionally neglected and unappreciated. i do so much for her and try to make this pregnancey as comfortable for her as i can. I cook, clean, do the dishes, go shopping so she doesnt have to. basically, ANYTHING she wants she gets, and all she has to do is ring her little silver bell. So, im all new to this and this will be our first child. I am totally stoked to be a dad. and more suprised at myself that im doing such a good job..........weeeellllllll, apparently not so much in her eyes. nothing i do is right, i annoy her just being in proximity, i dont get the "i love you" from her much any more, and when i do hear her tell me that, it almost seems forced. her sence of humor is gone, s_x drive is null, and even if i bring up the subject of s_x i feel horrible for even thinking about it. basically, my question is this; What about the mans needs in a pregnancy? i feel walked on and unappreciated for the mountains i have moved for her and our unborn child. granted, there are so many changes going on in her body and those awefull things called hormones. she is deffinitely not going through this alone. i feel the full force of her emotions when she shuts me out, neglects me, and expects me to wait on her hand and foot. dont get me wrong, i love to do anything for my family even if it means sacrificing my own happines. but please dont turn off the s_x! it seems like as soon as i slid that three ct. platnum ring on her finger flipped a switch and shut off her s_x drive! im going insane! i thought for sure id be getting it a lot more often. im simple, all i want to do is make love. then im happy. ill do anything for your comfort. but do NOT hod s_x above our heads like a treat for a dog that just did a trick for his owner! that is how i feel." ......anyway, i just wanna feel the love and appreciation again.


Yzf450rider - August 6

oh yea, one last thing, i got a piece of advice from a good friend that had already raised her own children..."just know that whatever you do, its not going to be good enough, but its ok because she knows you are amazing and love you more than ever after everything".................well, im sticking to my guns and convinced that pregnant girls are absolutely crazy!


HappyWife - August 14 think you are so great...doing all these things for your fiance. What about before she got pregnant? She probably did all these things for you and more! I doubt you showed even a little bit of appreciation for her hard work. You seem completely insensitive, and if you were sensitive you would not have to whine and complain about what you're not getting. Get over yourself and grow up. Life is not only about what you can get. I hope your unborn child is nothing like you..the world needs fewer of your type. And by the way...her 3 ct. platinum ring?? Yeah right....


E586467 - August 14

HappyWife of course it was a 3ct platinum ring, - only he forgot to mention it was a 3ct gla__s platinum coated ring, which he probably picked up from some hock shop for $5. Hahahahahaha NO BLOODY WONDER SHE'S PISSED WITH HIM! :)


jagger - February 17

I'll tell ya, this might be the best web site I ever found! My wife is a psycho since becoming pregnant and I have gone through the whole gammet of emotions from love me today all the way to she hates me and wouldn't care if I was gone tomorrow. Thank God I am not alone and can relate to these stories. I was really begining to think that she really did hate me. It makes it much easier saying yes honey 24/7 when you know that your not alone!!


DF - February 25

Lol this is my first post and exactly what i was going to ask, my fiancee is 13 weeks now, and for the last 6 weeks has done nothing but rip into me about everything, also admitted now hating me , this from a stable relationship, i actually moved out for a month i couldnt take it anymore.i am glad i found your post that its normal


marthaandfred - March 1

Dont worry about it, baby number 4 on its way and if my wife's anything to go by its the NORM. She screams at other drivers, little kids, the builders finishin the estate where we live, the list goes on and on! Oh and other shoppers. If it helps i think my better half needs an electric collar in public. Dont despair just hang in there.


mrfaosfx - July 11

Mine is a total b___h. She broke up with me and then we got back together again. She broke up yet again with me because she was too stressed to be with someone. Ever since shes been acting like a b___h and I just recently found out she is going out with another guy. Since we aren't together, I chose to ignore what is happening. I swear to god that if she catches a disease, I will call social services on her....she is an irresponsible mother with already a 1 year old from her other "ex". Her other ex hated her so much through out the pregnancy that after the baby was born, he went and put himself on child support, so he wouldn't have to hear from her ever again. Well i'm fed up just like he was. I will request a paternity test and if the child is mine, I will put myself on child support and request visitation rights...she wants a battle, she gonna get it.


josi_barth - September 23

omg i didnt realize what you were saying until right now. i have been so mean to my boyfriend i love him with all of my heart but i just feel so out of control sometimes like i am out of my own body and unfortunately he gets to deal with the aftermath. all i can tell you is to hang in there and if shes a good woman she will realize how awesome you are for tolerating this horrible cruelty she truly is lucky, as am i I LOVE YOU JOSH


crying4her - September 24

I don't know what to say, More are less I cry. I cry because I worry about are future and how my child will grow up. My fiance jill is being horrible to me. She is being distant,mean, and not including me in her life. Before she got pregnant are life was wonderful we were so in love and ready to get married. now she says she doesnt want to get married any time soon. I cry because I know thaat this woman is my all. I love her very much but just dont see a very good future ahead. Could this just be that she is pregnant??? I cry


ilovecelenaANF - October 20



JamesM75 - February 17

Wife is almost 16 weeks. She has had morning sickness. This is her second. I'm the source of everything evil in her life right now. We are newly weds. All of these people having "honeymoon" babies are crazy. I can handle the insults. I just don't want a pile of debt to come with the baby. Spending money is the only thing that makes her happy.


pdxdad - February 24

My wife is only 4 months pregnant and I think living with a serial killer would be a safer environment than home these days. Today I was taking our 2 year old to her toddler soccer cla__s. I couldn't find a matching outfit so I put pink sweatpants and green t-shirt on her. That was a major trigger. My wife went off the hook. She even broke a table and a vase. We almost split up today.....I just have to keep reminding myself it is the hormones. In her last pregnancy I had burgers, soda, name it thrown at me. But tell you what is worth the wait. Just hang in there... Someone should make a reality show about husbands of pregnant wifes lol


curlielth - March 3

how do I read these threads?



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