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EMBERBABY - August 3

I have heard stories of men who have trouble finding their wives/girlfriends attractive after being present in the delivery room and seeing her va___a stretch to that point. What was your experience in this? I am very curious to get all the opinions from all the dads.


Rob - August 4

I dont think I could ever find my gf unattractive. Our daughter is 8 months old now and I still see my gf as gorgeous as ever. Seeing her in so much pain was awwwful and to be honestly s_x is the last thing you think about at that moment hehe! I know men are different and some are scared afterwards or cant get that thought out of their heads. But personally its never put me off ;-)


EMBERBABY - August 4

Rob, Thanks for your response, it is very rea__suring to hear some men can look past it.


Rob - August 17

No problem ;o)


adam2 - August 18

i can see that being a possibility... for awhile. he'll get over it, just give it time. maybe even surprise him with it. trim/shave it up, wear some crotchless panties, wait for him to get home from work and surprise him with that. that'd do it for me.


tristansdad - September 4

in all honesty i don't understand what the fuss is about being attractive/unattractive. The way i see things is no matter how the body looks they are still the same person underneath, that is where attractiveness really lies. My partner went through a lot during her pregnancy, was poked, prodded in some intamate places and through it all i love her more now as a person thani ever did


Tapanga - November 17

I told my husband when the time comes he better be up with my head so I can yell at him better ;)


123abc - November 21

my husband says that in his culture,men are not allowed to be in the delivery room and that you're not supposed to see your wife like that... in his opinion he says that the reason why divorce rates r so high in north america is cuz men are in there and they don't feel attracted to their spouse after all that... i mean, i can see his point of view and obviously the guys that post on here will all tell you that their better halves are still lovely, but to tell you the truth, i don't want my husband seeing me in all that yucky stuff.. lol... this is my first and i'm not prepared, but i know he won't be in the delivery room with me and somehow I'm ok with that... i'm sure some guys feel more connected, but there are quite a few that don't feel quite the same after watching u give birth.. just my 2 cents


Keith - November 28

Hi Emberbaby I was present for the birth of both my boys (who have different moms). The birth of the first child (1st for us both) was an 'undiscovered breach' so a emergency 'C-section' was preformed, and although the theater staff tried to screen me from the 'operation' (with a sheet as a make shift screen) I still got a good look at all the bits my wife (at the time) had that maked her a woman, outside and INSIDE! I will not go in to graphic details of what I witnessed but let me tell you that in NO WAY did I find her less attractive and my love for her was strengthened. My second was with a lady (who was 40 yo at the time) who already had 3 children.It was a standard 'by the book' v____al birth. I was there all through the labor/birth saw the dilation of the v____a (not that hadn't seen it up close and person before ;-> ) I saw the crowing and 'caught' the baby as he 'popped' out. I was in total awe at his mother, she was so calm and beautiful (I could write a book on the wonderful feelings I have about this experience). The last thing this experience did was make this woman less attractive to me on the contrary! After the birth of my first son I entered into the medical field. Now I get to see the human body (male and female) in all it's splendor and ugliness, and even this can not dampen how very attractive I find my lady. Regards Keith dad of 2. Adelaide South Australia.



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