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Ddvinson3 - May 16

Hi guys I just want some advice about s_x while being pregnant. I am 21 weeks and for the first 3 months my midwife advised my husband and I not to have s_x due to my placenta being low lying. Well last Tuesday they said my placenta has moved to the right place and we were in the clear to have s_x. So good news I thought but I still don't have the urge to have s_x with my husband. Not that I'm not attracted to him but he just keeps bothering me about it and won't leave me alone. He thinks I don't love him if I don't give it up. I just don't think he understands how I feel. I'm really scared that it's going to hurt and hurt the baby! Which I know it's not going to hurt the baby because the dr. said so but I am still just a little on edge about it. I have told him how I feel and he seems to understand but I can still tell that he gets irritated because I won't. What should I do? Any thoughts? Anything at this point is appreciated! Thanks!


mom2b72 - May 16

And the answer is...HORMONES!!! Your hormones have a lot to do with s_x drive during pregnancy. Unfortunately for me...I wanted s_x all the time in the first trimester(bf didn't want it as much as me!!) and it continued and I think probably would still be the same if we were still together. Now, its been 3 months since I had any, and I wish we were still together sometimes just so I could "get some" at least!!! Some people say their s_x drive doesn't come back until long after delivery, but most others say it returns in the 2nd trimester when they start to feel more comfortable. Good luck, if he could spend some time rubbing your back, or other sensual things, maybe that would help get you in the mood???


Ddvinson3 - May 16

LOL thanks! mom2b72!


lexa - May 22

Ddvinson3 I feel the same way you do sometimes! I am 20 (almost 21)weeks along and there are days I want to and days I don't! As mom2b72 said...Hormones! That about sums up everything when pregnant! S_x will absolutely NOT hurt the baby! If it is uncomfortable for you, just try different positions until you find one that works. I have the opposite problem of you...I want it but my dh doesn't! Obviously he had no problem before or I wouldn't be in the boat Im in now, lol!


ezwaggy - May 25

Ddvinson3 have you thought about other options rather than intercourse? It might "tide him over" so to speak if you just set aside a special night to please him. Just a thought - you know how sensitive mens' egos are, sometimes I think it takes even less than we realize to make them happ! :)



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