Sex After Baby Need Male And Female Point Of View

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tired of fighting - November 9

My husband and I just had our second child 4 months ago. We have s_x about two times a week. Everytime we do, my husband complains about how long it has been since the last time. For example last night he said it had been 3 weeks since the last time. It had really been four days! Everytime time I feel like doing it he says just before we do, "Let's do it again after." We haven't even done it once yet! I'm not looking for marathon s_x. An hour to hour and a half of back rubs, foreplay and s_x is enough for me in one night. So if I say, "Once is enough for tonight." he gets all sad and then can't even really enjoy it! He said last night, "I haven't REALLY c_m in three months." Really c_m, what does that mean? Help me please I don't get it!


hmmmmm - November 9

i think it means hes faking it. if not it means he hasnt had a good orgasm in 3 months. u can get off but not really "get off" at the same time. btw, this is coming from a girl.


Harry - November 9

Sounds like he wants more attention from you. I wish my guy wanted to have 1hr s_x. Ours is usually 7min and that was before the baby.


Jbear - November 10

Obviously she would know if he was faking it...I can see why you don't feel like you have time to spend hours having s_x...I feel the same sometimes, in an hour and a half I can clean the entire house, or I can catch up on some much-needed sleep. I feel like the time when both of my kids are asleep is my time. Sometimes I will do things to speed up s_x, so it doesn't take as much time. For example, instead of the back rubs and foreplay, sometimes I will just climb on top the minute we get into bed, or drag him into the bathroom while the kids are still awake, lock the door, and then do it standing up (which never takes him more than ten minutes). Mine never wants to do it twice in a row, though. I think they slow down a little with age, because when I met him he could do it five times in a row (and we did, often) but now, nine years later, he's down to once.


Tati - November 10

The reason why he asks you to do it twice is because he thinks you are in the mood so he is trying to catch up the days that he missed.I think that all you have to do is tell him when you are not getting really to s_x or just had s_x, tell him not to ask you to do it twice because that turns you off. I'am sure if he is a ggod hubby he will understand. I think twice a weeks isn't bad especially after baby. Women body does take time to go back to normal.


mama-beans - November 10

I'm also on the twice a week average. Yes, mine says the same ( we haven't had s_x in 2 weeks!!) and he is ALSO one of those that requires every s_x act to be this long, drawn out process... I am almost NEVER in the mood now-days.. so there are some times when I know he is "due" I'll just jump on him in bed, be aggressive to cut down on the time, and he is happy as a clam to be dominated for once and I feel like I am still doing my duty as his wife.. He would definately like it more often, but right now, with a 1 year old and 10 weeks pregnant with #2 ( and all the nausia that goes along with it) twice a week will have to be enough.. I keep track and make sure he never has to go more then 5 days without.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 11

He is lucky to be getting it twice a week after baby. My hubby would be jealous. I'm sure that if you actually made him wait 3 weeks he would stop trying to be funny and stop whining about it. Or be sarcastic and mark it on the calendar for him each time so he realizes he's acting like a spoiled child.


to jbear - November 13

not always u can tell if a guy fakes it. have u ever got off, but not got off "good" its like that. i would know. i have faked it before with my gf. she wanted it and i didnt 4 once. sure i got off but i had to have s_x again the next day cause i had really baad blueb___s


Jbear - November 14

Yes, you can tell if he fakes it...Most of us married people don't use is very obvious to the woman when the man has ejaculated without a condom, because you end up full of c_m. I can feel it when my husband ejaculates, too...I would a__sume most women can.


to jbear...again - November 15

i dont mean if he dont c_m. i mean if he c_ms in a hurry or if he really isnt interested he can get off without the full benifets of an orgasm. sure u can c_m but if u have a good orgasm its way different. its too hard to explain to girls.


Wow - January 2

I can't believe this, you women sound like you think you are doing us guys a big favor having s_x with us after the pregnacy. Have you looked at yourselves? You are probably fatter than ever and in the worst mood of your life and your husband still finds you atractive enough to want to have s_x with you? You should be the greateful one.


Wow - January 2

Also, in responce to this: "Why is it you feel his desire for s_x is more important then her desire to not have s_x? Also keep in mind that she carried his child, birthed that child, and ( I'll bet you big ) is the one that continues to care for that child" HIS child??? I thought it was their child, it only belongs to dad? Oh come on, don't play the "he got me pregnant" card, YOU got pregnant together or were you not in the room the day it happened? Its your child as much as his... He most likely will take care of the baby the best way he can. Remember you dind't do him a BIG favor by having HIS child, if you feel you had the worst part of the deal, well... its the way nature distributed the job, don't like it? Then why did you decided to get pregnant in the first place? Its not like you didn't knew it was you that would carry the pregnacy.


to WOW - January 2



Wow - January 2

I guess your answer means you agree with my thoughts but won't admit it.


H - January 4

Frankly, I am sick and tired of hearing women say that they are too tired and worn out from having a baby to have s_x with their men. So, you get pregnant and have a baby and suddenly your husbands needs are totally second or third of your scale of importance. Men don't get married so they can never or very seldomly have s_x with their wives. They get married so they CAN have and feel bonded with their wives. S_x to a man is a good caring conversation and pampering to a woman, it's how they feel loved. I wish some of the women would wake up and realize that if they don't have s_x with their men then they are going to loose them plain and simple. Most husbands are nothing but supportive, do everything they are asked and are expected to always be there to listen to their wives needs, but yet it is so hard for a woman to just give in to this one clear need and have some fun! Now I am NOT referring to the original poster when I say this stuff, my comment is in general towards the women that have the att_tude that they had a baby so that ent_tles them to neglect their husbands!


mon17 - January 6

You men obviously have forgotten what we go through during labour and delivery. And then even after that. A period for about 6 weeks. Trying to get the weight off or atleast deal with the weight. Up all hours taking care of this baby. Not that you dont help out but some things you cant do like b___stfeed. And then having to listen to a whinning husband about how he doesn't get s_x. And of course your needs are second. The baby needs us more than you do. Have you ever thought of why we might not want to have s_x. We just pushed this baby out of us and what got us in that position in the first place? s_x.


tired of fighting - January 10

We are doing a lot better now at almost 6 months ppdm. Having a baby really changes your priorities it takes some getting used too. To Wow - You're an a__s. Thinking you are doing your wife a favour by having s_x with her! If you're not barfugly your personality certainly is.



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