Sex In Third Trimester

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how - March 19

I seem to be getting more aroused while my wife has seemed to lose all s_xual drive. I'm scared things will stay the same after labor. Is it because I'm about to be a first time dad or is this just normal?


T - March 19

First off Congratulations, second it's perfectly normal, you feel more aroused towards your wife and thats ok i know i couldn't think of anything s_xier than my wife when she was 8 mo. along. Unfortunately be prepared not to get any type of lovin for a long time well not that long but at least for a while. First of all there is to be no type of contact for the first six weeks following the birth of your child, and after that it is at your wifes discretion whether you get any lovin or not. Just remember to be there for her and your new child, make sure you let her know that she is just as special as she was before she gained the pregnancy weight, (This is a whole other topic) but regardless the sparks will return just be patient and loving and understand that she has other priorities in her life now and "it" is not the first thing on her list. Hang in there man you'll survive we all do..


wise - April 12

Spank the monkey.


Derek - May 19

Normal, happened with my two kids. First off once she has had the child you should abstain from s_x for at least 90 days after the birth of the child to allow healing to take place and for her hormones to attain


... - May 20

I've never heard of anyone having to abstain for 90 days after having a baby. I had s_x 10 days after my daughter was born, and didn't have any problems. We'd also had s_x just about every day up until she was born, and the day after I had her, a nurse walked in on me giving my husband a b__w job. So every woman's different, and for every man who wishes his pregnant wife was hornier, there's probably a man who's turned off by pregnancy, or afraid he'll hurt his wife.


Derek - May 20

Well its rare these days and hardly suggested. it help heaps abstaining for 90days after our second child as my wife was better balanced and used having the second child around. lets just say that first night we did it after the second child was memorable and well we didnt sleep that night i a__sure you too busy having well you know



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