Share Some Ideas To Put A Smile On Her Face

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Ian - April 14

Hello everyone, My relationship with my wife has never had any shortage of romance and affection. However, I have never been good at those little spontaneous surprises that take little effort but make her happy. Not only do I need a good kick in the pants, but now that she is pregnant, making an effort to make her feel appreciated is really crucial. So I enlist everybody's help to provide ideas, and maybe us guys can all make it a point to do these on a regular basis. If you're already doing these, good for you, and here's your chance to help a brotha out. So far I have: Taking her for an intimate walk Buying her flowers romantic dinner. See? I have no creativity. I look forward to more ideas. Thanks in advance


lilmama - April 14

how bout a nice bubble bath with rose petals floating on top and candles lit. Maybe a champagne gla__s with sparkling white grape juice. OOh that sounds nice right now. I wish my husband were sweet enough to think of trying to do something nice for me. Good for you Ian!


Jamie - April 15

I'm not a very "romantic" person - never have been, prolly never will be. My husband gets home from work anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours before me, as I usually have to work late - he'll do things like cook dinner for me, have a hot bubble bath waiting, have all the laundry done, et cetera, so that all I have to do is get out of uniform, and either relax in the tub, or eat dinner - then he does the dishes and cleans up, and all I have to do is go to bed. I love him for it, and it's what gets me through the week.


Lily - April 15

Ian, I'm in my first trimester, and I find it really difficult to keep the house clean. But to my surprise, my husband has been a dream come true. Doing "little things" like the dishes, cleaning the toilets (cause that REALLY grosses me out), makes dinner, or tidy's up the livingroom....Those things mean a lot. He gives me the time I need to prepare myself for the day. Something I really enjoy, is water. When he gets up in the morning, he brings me a fresh gla__s of filtered water, that, means a lot to me. For all the new or expecting dads out there, the "little things" don't necessarily have to be things that show appreciation. They can be ANYTHING that makes our day run smoother or makes us smile.


Daisy Jean - April 15

Write her a letter to thank her for doing all the work rquired to have a family. Tell her how much you appreciate her and admire her. alk about your hopes for the future. I think women love to have it on paper. Bonus: The baby can read it someday and know how excited you were!


BBK - April 20

Ian, one thing I do for my wife is foot ma__sage.... she always liked it, and she likes to be touched a lot. I can tell that now that she's pregnant she wants more affection and pampering. I serve her breakfast in bed every morning with her prenatal pill and fresh juice. I have to get up a little earlier to do this, but she really appreciates it as she's really hungry in the morning.... and if you're not a cook, maybe you can run to the bakery before she wakes up....... Now if someone could help me overcome my fear of being in the delivery room, I'll be all set. Good luck and congrats!


Danielle - April 21

Give attention! It's amazing what a few kisses and hugs can do for her self-esteem. Especially when she starts getting big and feeling unattractive, showing her that you still find her attractive will help her out emotionally.


Leigh - April 21

Setting up a romantic dinner w/ candles - the food can even be take-out. Breakfast in bed. Flowers for no reason. Foot ma__sage. Back or shoulder rub with some nice oil from a bath shop. Love notes left around the house so she can find them anytime (in the silverware drawer, medicine cabinet, clothes drawer, jacket pocket, etc.). And don't forget...if you're getting up to go to the kitchen, ask her if she wants anything!


jessie - April 26

Ian....the best and seemingly most unromantic thing you can do is to do her chores. She expects to do them, so if you do them and all of a sudden she is free for a night, you might end up with a little gift yourself! It is my favorite gift from my husband! As far as being "romantic", unexpected notes in my car, flowers when I get home, my favorite food in the fridge...if she doesn't have morning sickness, plan a night out. Go to dinner and then buy some baby clothes. The fact that you are even concerned about showing her affection is romantic enough! Go Ian!!!


Fabienne - April 27

Ian - bless your heart. Quality time is important. Just spend time with her, ask her questions on how she feels etc - give her a ma__sage - tell her how pretty she is, pregnant, how good a mom she'll be. women also like to imagine what their life will be like once the baby is there. Talk about the activities you could do with your son/daughter as he/she grows up etc. Get interested in the different stages of the pregnancy she's in - ask questions etc. Cook meals for her or have someone do it for both of you, help her out around the house. Don't know why...I have a feeling that you already do all that ! lol She also probably has the need to feel/be s_xy - so how about some lingerie or a jewel - an appointment to the hair stylist or manucure maybe ? If you work during the day - how about a phone call to let her know you're thinking about her ? I'll try to think of other ideas :)


Anne - April 30

Hello Ian and Congratulations! There are many places that you can get an unfinished rocking chair...bring it into your garage, stain it a beautiful light gloss natural wood color. Go to Barnes & Noble and purchase a book on bedtime stories for baby. On the inside of the book write: "To My Beautiful Wife - may we find many happy days ahead on our journey as Mommy and Daddy". Put a BIG bow on the rocker, buy a chenille throw at TJ Maxx or something and hang it over the top edge of the rocker. Put the book on the seat, cover her eyes and walk her into the room and sit her down in it. BIG BIG BIG points you well get for this one ;)


Ian - May 5

Thanks for some amazing suggestions. You're right Fabienne, I don't mean to brag, but I already do much of the cooking/cleaning at this time. And she does appreciate it, so i will definitely persist. Anne - that idea is killer. I will seriously consider doing that. Thanks again.



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