Soul Mate Can Men Get Pregnancy Symtons

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Mitchel - March 23

me and my girl friend think that we are soul mates, and she is now 4 months pregnant. the thing that is strange is that i feel like im getting morning sickness and craving for food instead of her. Can that happen or what?


lilmama - March 25

Happens to a lot of guys, I feel it means that you are more sensitive to your partner and are intune with her feelings. I wish my husband were more that way!


Jennifer - April 5

Funny, my husband is the same way, he hasn't had morning sickness, but neither have I, but he is craving food, like Ice Cream, and for some reason, Fruit Salad. I am not craving anything, so I think that it is funny. Oh yeah, he has also gained as much weight as I have so far.


Maureen - April 6

I think it's wonderful that you feel so connected to the Mother of your child. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. Though, this could be a way of your Anxiety coming out. As long as you realize it, I think you'll be alright. You can always see a phycologist if your concerned. Hope this helps.


chrissy - April 6

yes it can happen...since i was 2 months my boyfriend has been eating like a pig. i am 19 weeks and i have only gained about 2 lbs...i dont crave anything but he sure does...


Ellie - April 22

Believable, since my post_tive pregnancy test, my boyfriend has been crazing weird things. I asked him recently if he was the one pregnant.


Kathy - May 5

When my brother Pat got his wife pregnant he was the one with all the symptoms. He was the one that got sick had all the pains the cravings. It was kind of funny to see.


Kathy - May 5

I forgot to say that this happened to him all 3 TIMES


amber - May 14

Wow! completly. I am 36 weeks and my husband and I KNOW that we are soul-mates. and thank God I am having his baby.. he gets emotional for me.. and we gain weight together ect. My grand mother says that with her third child my papa got morning sickness for her and threw his lunch away when he got to work.. I think its very sweet.. less stress for her to deal with when shes got you to help!! GOOD LUCK YOU TWO! a little tip if you do get emotional try not to hog all of it sometimes a girl want to cry and she needs you to be strong for her.. just let her have her moments.


Dima - May 15

CAn men get pregnant!!?


crysta.c - May 26

Yes it can My husband got all those symptoms and more it was so cute



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