Spanish American Problem

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GrrrMan - June 7

I just found out my wife cheated on me before she got pregnant and the baby might not be mine. I am fine with that cause i love her but this is the problem. The man that might be the father is from venezuela and doesn't speak english. I'm worried the baby won't understand me or her, should we start trying to learn spanish or wait to see if the baby has my wifes genes?


jrcreations - June 7

You shouldn't worry about wether your child can undrstand you or not, the child's language doesn't travel through it's genes, he/she can learn what ever language you want him/her to learn. The baby can learn french, if you introduce it to it (during pregnancy and after birth). Also, a baby can be familier with a certain type of language, and later speak a new language all together, as long as you work with your child, it will understand you and your language.


GrrrMan - June 8

Thanks jr your answer has cleared alot of things up. But i'm now i'm more concerned about how long it will take for our child to reallize I'm not the father. I'm sure other children will start ask him why his skin is darker or make fun of his accent. So i guess we'll just have to explain to him when he's older and hopefully he'll understand.


fraggleROCKS - June 8

Um, your child won't have an accent to his or her cla__smates unless you and your family move to another country well after your child has learned to talk. The fact that the child's biological father doesn't speak English has absolutely no bearing AT ALL on the language your child will speak or whether the child will have an accent. The child will learn to speak the language YOU teach him or her to speak and will have the same accent that YOU have.


Taffy - June 10

I have to a__sume that this question is a hoax.


HannahBaby - June 11

your kidding right??!!


Britney23 - June 11

very funny


Jaqi - June 11've got to be kidding me...this can't be real. If it was, just because someone is from Venezuela, doesn't mean they are going to be dark. Venezuelans are also very light skinned. Please try hard not to be ignorant.


Olivene - June 12

It's got to be a joke.


cmfqueens - June 13

If you are serious about this question you should not be having children anyway.


babyO - June 26

This has to be a one can honestly be this ignorant! Latinos/Hispanics come in all skin colors etc, just because they are latino does not mean they will be dark. Secondly, I hate to get all PC but it irks me when people refer to latinos/hispanics are Spanish....the only Spanish people are from Spain...when in doubt use Latino/Hispanic or ask! And the accent park...OMG are you serious?!?!? Even though I was born and raised in the US I am still told I have an accent just because of my skin color...which is funny b/c over the ohone people have no idea i am hispanic! Sorry but posts like this freak me out and make me nervous for my son...guess I still have to teach him that will be ignorance about who he is.


chicksy - August 12

Are u serious???????????????


Smilefull - September 5




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