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grrrrrrrrrr - November 9

it that was directed at me i do ask for help. he always says, scratch that make it whines, saying no no u go do it. they want u. it drives me insane. he did help before we got married, he would even help clan my room. i was living at home btw. but now he does nothing.


Rachel - November 13

to Jbear-- lol, I always get styrofoam plates and plastic silverware, it makes life so much easier lol.


women r great - November 13

and men stink! :op


completely understand - November 14

my hubby drives me insane sometimes. he parks his b___t in front of the tv all the time and only moves it to get food or do one of his hobbies. i have to bug him 20 times before he'll help with dishes. and then when he does, he thinks it's enough dish help for a month. he'll be like "i just helped with the dishes." my response?......"yes, dear that was last week. i've done the dishes about 10 more times by myself since then." i've come to the point where i don't do his laundry anymore. if he wants to throw his dirty laundry on the floor and not clean it up or help with the washing, then he can do his own. you would think that would motivate him, but no. i get so tired of our living room becoming his personal dumping ground for all his c___p. you name it and it's on our living room floor. i finally told him that if he didn't clean it up, then i'm throwing it all in the garage in a box and i'm leaving it there. atleast that motivated him to clean up half of it. what is wrong with men???? why can't they answer our simple requests?? it's not like we're asking them to clean the entire house top to bottom! just an occasion helping out here or there would be nice and VERY appreciated! why do they help before marriage and then become fat, lazy, useless slobs after? i envy the woman who's hubby still helps her after the honeymoon is over. (sigh) and the baby hasn't even come yet! five more months and i'm doomed to be a housemaid forever.


grrrrrr - November 14

my hubby has been helping more. have been MAKING him lol. i told him that if he doesnt start helping me i was going to stop everything i do for him. EVERYTHING (hint hint) lol. he has been more motivated. better, but can still use improvement. men r soo lazy. no wonder women were the ones who were supposed to be women. kids and men would starve if women weren't here. i swear true story. HALLOWEEN I WAS GONE ALL DAY AT MY MOMS WITH THE KIDS. I LEFT AT ABOUT 11AM AND DIDNT GET BACK TILL 9PM. HE DIDNT EAT AT ALL BECAUSE HE WAS TOO LAZY TO COOK! I HAD TO MAKE A PIZZA OR HE WOULDNT HAVE EATEN THAT DAY. LAZY HUH?


GRRRRRR OOPS - November 15

supposed to be- women r supposed to be mothers. lol. baby distractions.


Kellie - November 16

So your men are lazy and all they do is work and play video games. Sorry to say but you picked him, if they are lazy now they were before you decided to have kids with them. One thing I don't understand is why would a grown man want to play video games. He needs to grow up and find a different hobby. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying you do this but it might be a possibility, do some of you women complain and yell at your man for not helping you out around the house? Have you ever asked in a nice way like "Honey can you do me a favor?" then tell him what you need from him, then when he does it you tell him thank you. Everyday I tell my husband how lucky I am, he has dinner ready for me when I come home, he helps me with the laundry, he cleans out the garage and even takes out the garbage. I'm currently pregnant with our first child and he comes to all my appointments and makes sure I have everything I need. He works just as many hours as I do but we both have a mutual respect for each other. We have great communication and we listen to each other, I don't a__sume that he should know what I need or how I feel nor does he with me. If you are having issues with your husband have you ever just sat him down with the t.v off and the kids hopefully asleep so you have no interuptions, and just talked about how you both feel. If you can do that you might come to a mutual agreement.


grrrrrrrrrr - November 16

i have done most of those things. he was good about the appointments, but after we got married, he does nothing. he was helpful before, but now he wants to do nothing. and yes i have tried asking nicely, i have tried yelling at him, i have even tried to bribe him. he is just lazy now. he wants to do nothing. its good to hear that your man helps, but mine just wont, period. i have to yell at him to get his b___t up for work, and i have to stay up until 12 am because I have to get him up for work, he works 3rd shift. then i am back up at 7 am to make him breakfast and care for our kids all day. UNLIKE him, i dont get a break. im lucky to get a shower.


completely understand - November 16

TO Kellie-i understand what your talking about. some women do just nag their hubby's and demand help. but i'm with grrrrrrr......i've asked nicely, but it doesn't work. i've tried the whole compliment thing and really meant it, but that didn't work either. my hubby was so helpful and just the little housewife before we were married. then it all ended very quickly. it's like now that he has me, he can stop putting on a helpful front. i don't understand men at all. your lucky that your hubby helps out and cares about you enough to do things for you. consider yourself a VERY fortunate woman!


Kris - November 22

Run ! Do not walk to the nearest exit. I have been married for 10 years and it doesn't get any better girls. If it was not for my children I don't think that I would live through some days. He has that whole I'm the man I make the money and you take care of the house that's your job mentallity . Now I am sick and really need his help but I let him treat me that way for so long that he thinks that it is ok. It is not ok. You must take a stand for yourself and your children. If you have sons, then they are learning that this is how to treat a women and your daughters are learnng that it is ok to allow a man to disrespect them. You are good women take care of your children. They hear, see and remember far more than you think. God Bless and keep you safe.


Voice Of Reason - November 25

It is a mistake to judge a situation by only hearing 1 side. I dont think women understand how hard it is working 10 hours and then coming home to an emotional pregnant wife. No matter how much you tell us we DO NOT understand what your going through all we can hope to do is sympathize a little which is much more harder than it seems. Of course its easy to jump on a forum and bash ur man instead of getting to know his feelings and working out an agreement. If you want results talk to ur man and let him know how you feel in which case he will do the same. But if your emotional and just want to complain your doing the right thing. Side note: No we dont understand how hard it is to take care of a baby all day why dont you discuss that with us and lets come to a resolution.


to voice of reason from grrrrr - November 25

my husband only works 7 hours a day then comes home and plays video games.


Lesley - November 26

Wow!! I thought it was just me!! My husband only works 12 hours a week. He had to drop from full time to part time when I was pregnant. Now that I've had the baby he still on't go back to full time. Says it's too stressfull working 8-12 hours a day. I would understand that it is if he did other things than work! He will go off to work for 6pm. Finishes at 10pm (this is only 3 days a week mind!) When he gets in he will go straight on the PC and check his emails. Then go on this game called knights online. So annoying! He will be up playing on that untill early hours of the morning, sometimes he doesn't even go to bed untill the next day. He will stay in there untill about 4pm if he is at work but if he isn't he will get up about 8pm, then straight on the PC again. He will leave his mess on the computer desk. Dirty plates, cups, crisp packets, biscute wrappers....... When he makes cups of tea he wont rinse the cup out, he will get a clean one. Same with the spoon. He leaves the t-bag on the bench. When making food he leves tins and stuff on the bench too, doesn't wipe if he makes any spills.


to gggrrrrrrrrrr - December 2

My boyfriend is a little lazy, but so am I. He works 9 or 10 hours a day, and is looking to get a second job, although he sways between that and wanting to be a "stay-at-home dad". He cooks for me, & he doesn't watch tv or play video games. And we're on the computer for about equal amounts of time. When he goes to the bar or music club, I go too unless I'm not feeling like breathing in all that secondhand smoke (I'm 20 weeks pregnant). He's really excited about our little boy, our new family together. I wish all you ladies would have someone in your lives to give you such respect. I haven't had a partner like him before, and I'm so grateful for him... we all deserve help, consideration & respect.


to kellie - December 4

Because many men are boys kellie, alot remain boys thats why they play pc games, in moderation i see no harm and it sounds like you have been married 2 months the way you speak. Wait till reality hits in your house and you wont be so la dee da. You think they need to wait for you to say, talk to him. I am sure they have done so.


To voice of reason - December 5

My hubby has plenty of time to help around the house and give me a hand, but he chooses to watch tv or do his hobbies every free minute of the day. I've not been a moody, difficult pregnant woman either. My pregnancy has been great and I'm normally in a good mood. I, also, do A LOT around the house. I do the dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, all the fixer uppers jobs around the house, and so much more. The fact is that too many men are lazy, inconsiderate, and feel that it is the wifes duty to take care of all the household chores and responsibilities. If my husband worked 12 hour shifts five days a week at a difficult job, I wouldn't expect him to do all kinds of stuff around the house. But he has an easy, fun job that he goes to four days a week. He has NO excuse for his laziness!



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