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To voice of reason - December 5

My hubby has plenty of time to help around the house and give me a hand, but he chooses to watch tv or do his hobbies every free minute of the day. I've not been a moody, difficult pregnant woman either. My pregnancy has been great and I'm normally in a good mood. I, also, do A LOT around the house. I do the dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, all the fixer uppers jobs around the house, and so much more. The fact is that too many men are lazy, inconsiderate, and feel that it is the wifes duty to take care of all the household chores and responsibilities. If my husband worked 12 hour shifts five days a week at a difficult job, I wouldn't expect him to do all kinds of stuff around the house. But he has an easy, fun job that he goes to four days a week. He has NO excuse for his laziness!


teigan - December 12

omg is this thread for real, is there really men out there like this.. geez why do people stay with them, i could not be arsed, you dont have to have a baby sitter when your having s_x do you?? he needs kicking into touch like now... stop doing things for him for a start he seems to think that because your a woman you should do it all ( which is bum nuts ) my uncle is exactly the same and he hates it now as the children are 17 and 18 now nd he knows they wont do anything for him anymore and he hates it... dont do a thing for him, not the tea, his washing, hes clothes out..NOTHING.. give him a taste of his own medicine


Hmmmm - December 12

If you want him to help out, stop doing everything for him. You put his clothes out for him? I wouldn't do it myself either if someone did everything for me.


Kelly - January 1

The best thing you can do to change men today is to raise good ones!


MEAN WOMAN - January 5

2 Melissa the 1st post: I wouldn't put his clothes out for him thats for sure...whats he going to do not match? Who cares if he doesn't! I might even "accidentally" not make enough servings of dinner for him...give him a taste of his own medicine...


sarah513 - January 6

i told my boyfriend that i would take care of him and the baby so i expect my guy to not do anything lol.. he sits and plays warcraft all the time but he also has 2 jobs to take care of us soooo... i cant complain... and i dont work now so i told him no worries.. ill take care of him, the baby, the bills, and cleaning hehe


REALISTIC - January 14



?? - January 15

Maybe YOU are, realistic.. I happen to be perfectly happy with mine.. Who does not cheat - not all are c___ppy, you ought to look into more of what YOU are picking..


Kris - January 17

To all of you women who have the faults hope that things will get better, that you can change him, that he will grow up. Please! They don't! Men are what they are. They are lazy, selfish creatures by nature. If you don't think your man is cheating on you it is only because you haven't caught him yet because let me tell you it will happen it is in his nature to do so. And your children are learning to be just like them. They are learning that it is ok to treat a women this way, it is ok not to do anything to help your with and when they grow up they will repeat the same pattern of behavior that they have been taught. I know because I was that child and I am now deprograming my children because of falling into the same pattern. We can all do much better on our own or just by getting a sperm donor if we want to procreate.


ohh.. - January 17



ChaycesMom - January 17

Kris, I think you have some deeper issues. My father cheated on my mother, he then cheated on my step-mother. My fiance would not cheat on me, nor would I cheat on him. Not all men are the same, some just give in too easily to the desires. My fiance has no problem telling me that someone is hot, but I knwo that it is me that he is interested or I wouldnt be engaged or on my 2nd child with him.


Kris - January 17

I am not a man hater first off. I am sure that there are men out there that are perfectly nice. However I do not believe that any man is capable of carring on a mangamus relationship. Even George Burns cheated on his wife and he is one of the sweetest most beloved comedians of all time. Just because a man is nice and respectable does not mean that he is faithful. You see all men cheat. They just do. I am sorry to tell you that but I have seen it and talked to many men about it. Those of you out there that trully believe that your husband or spouse if faithful. Booyaa! It is only because you have not caught them yet. Remember ladies what you don't know won't hurt them.


ChaycesMom - January 19

I'm sorry, but that sounds like a man hater to me. Not all men cheat. My fiance has been cheated on in the past, not by me, but he knows how it feels to be betrayed, so he won't do it. Believe it or not there are some respectable men out there. You must not be finding the right one. I have only been with say, maybe a handful of men, none of them have ever cheated on me, nor have I cheated on them.


Kris - January 19

ChaycesMom, I don't mean to upset you. You may be right . I am a bum magnet and have always been. But I have also seen me father and my brothers and my friends husbands cheat. My soon to be ex-husband cheated. I trully believed in him. I never thought that he would do that to me. But you see men are sneaky. Also they cover for each other. Right now I really should not be giving anyone advice because my heart is in so many pieces.I appoligize for upseting anyone. We were together for 12 years and married for 10. Had one of my friends not seen him I would have never known because of when and were he was doing this. I just don't want anyone else to ever feel the way I do.


ChaycesMom - January 19

No harm done. I beleive that there are men out there that are slime too. Try to get stronger from this experience, don't lose hope. Take care!


Kris - January 19

Thank you. If you only knew what he put me through then you would understand. You take care as well.



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