To Young To Be A Dad

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skaterboy - June 28

im 15 and my gf 14 and she just told me she was pregnant and this was an accident cuz we almost always used condoms when having s_x and now i just dont know what to do any advice from teen dad? or anyone?


sunshyne9 - June 29

Hey skaterboy, 15 is a little young to have babies.. BUT im sure the both of you are aware and understand how to get pregneat.?? What does her family think about this?? It will totally change your lives but hers mostly. You should be there and support her for whatever decision she makes... and be nice. Being pregneat is emotional for anyone let alone a 14 yr old girl. Try adn make the best of it and raise this baby to the best that you both can. Im sure that both your parents will love this baby with everything when it's born. I know I would if my daughgter came home and said she was pregneat. Its a mistake yes.. but I think you should have to take responsibilities for them.. You might have to get a p/t job too to help her out. Besides you both made them.. Good luck


Mommy - June 29

I was a 16 year old mom, pregnant at 15 then again at 16. It's hard and it's expensive, but it does get better. Does her family know? Does yours know? If you don't think you could cope, talk about adoption. Please don't get an abortion, though. It's important that you guys take responsibility for your own actions and that is to give your child life. Also, there are many organizations that can help young parents take care of their baby. Support your girlfriend and try your best to be there for her. If you think you are too young to be a parent, you should not be having s_x at all.


BIG RED - June 29

Don;t bail out on her just becuse she is preggers. I would #1 make sure she is pregnant go get a hpt for her & at least have her take another test. #2 then discuss what it is that the 2 of you want to do and be sure to be really honest with each other. #3 tell your parents and her parents I am sure they will want to talk with each other. Thats the best advice I can give you and good luck I know how scarey it is.


skaterboy - June 29

we are just afriad to tell her parents and how they would react we want to keep the baby maybe but we still arent sure about how to tell our parents


dayydreamer - July 1

Im 16 now and I think Im pregnant and my boyfriend told his parents. they were very understanding and helpful so if you can at least just tell ONE parent....either yours or hers.... you might be able to get some help and support. trust me, its hard not to tell anyone anywho, have her take another test and go to the doctor. good luck to you!


skaterboy - July 1

well i sat down and we both talked to her parents and older brother and they are mad of course at both of us and her brother who is 18 he is really p__sed at me and says that i really better need to help since i knocked her up. maybe they can tell my parents for me


Mommy - July 1

Good job letting them know. Seeing if her parents will talk to your parents seems like a good idea, but make sure you guys are there, too. They will probably want to hear your thoughts on it. Are you guys completely sure she is pregnant and have you made her a doctor appointment? I hope all goes well and keep us updated on how things are going.


rhamel - July 3

Skaterboy good job being there to support her when she told her family that right there shows that you can be responsible. I don't know how you all plan on working this out but maybe if you get a part time job and keep going to school you can move in to her parents house so you can be there to help with the baby? If not you should still get a part time job to at least help out with diapers and clothes and hospital bills, being a parent is a BIG responsibility but I am a strong believer that if you want to you can make things right and you can raise a heathy happy child even at your age. Find your local health department and get your girlfriend an appointment they have a program called WIC they will give her vouchers for food while she is pregnant and once the baby is born they will give her vouchers for formula which is EXPENSIVE the vouchers will make it free trust me this will help you out so much but you wanna get this done soon so you will have it set up before baby is born. Good luck keep us posted on how things are going.


skaterboy - July 3

well she is pregnant for sure her mom took her to the doctor to double check and they did a test and said she was pregnant


mindymay - July 3

skaterboy, tell your parents. its better for you to do it than someone else. i know you are scared, but even if your parents end up being p__sed off, they love you and would be happy to know you stood up like a man and told them yourself.


skaterboy - July 5

well my and my gf decided we are gonna keep the baby even though it will be hard we are gonna finish school and both of us are getting jobs even though her parents want us to do adoption


lilmomma88 - July 7

The t_tle of your post reminded me of something... you probably haven't seen it because it's a Lifetime Original but theres a great movie called "Too young to be a dad" about a 15 year old who gets his girlfriend pregnant and the girlfriend's parents want to give the baby up for adoption, and the boy agrees at first, but then the baby is born and he decides he wants to keep her and raise her without the's a really great movie and I think you should keep an eye out for it.


Sunset - July 20

It's gonna be real hard but I reckon you can get through it. Just stick at it and try and get all the support you can, but remember at the end of the day the baby will be your responsibility. Loads of people every day are doing it, if they can so can you. Good luck hun


skaterboy - August 27

well just thought i update you my gf is almost 3 months pregnant and is due march 10 our parents help us alot and we are doing school. but the problem is that her brother doesnt want nothing to do with us


fabulouslypregnant - August 28

don't worry, he will come around. if nothing else, nobody can resist the cuteness of a new baby! especially if it's one that his own sister helped create. Just be patient and give him some time. He may feel like he failed as a brother by not "protecting" his sister. I'm really glad to that things are working out for you both, other than that. Good Luck!!


skaterboy - August 28

he will even hardly speak to either of us and when i want to come over to the house to see brooke my gf he wont let me in the house to see her if he is home or wont give her my phone calls but i know he is protecting her since i also have a little sister and she is 12.



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