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Mike - August 23

An ex-girlfriend who has not approached me has told mutal friend's that I am the father of her unborn child. She say's that she just found this out and is 7 month's pregnant with a healthy 3.5 lb fetis. She also refuses to stop drinking and smoking. What can I do? Do I need a lawyer?


Dawn - July 14

This is a tough question, i would suggest talking to her and telling her how important it is to have a healthy baby which means not doin anythin to harm it. No offense but any good mom would not want to put the baby at risk, i would try talking to her and telling her all the complications that the baby can have for the rest of his/her life if she continues to do this, or maybe i would talk 2 a dr. and tell him ur situation and maybe he could talk to her about it, good luck mike


Kevin - August 23

I think this would make me insane. How I see it is that you helped create this baby and she apparently is doing everything to hurt it. I have to wonder why she would not take care of herself during this period. I agree with the previous response that you simply have to talk to her and at least make your feelings clear. I wish I know what you could do legally. Find out for sure if the child is yours; I think that is the first step. At least then, you would have some rights when the child is born.


Kay - September 14

You seem to be accepting of the child, which is a good start. Next, the ex. I have to agree with Dawn, and find out for sure if the baby is yours. If you do want the baby, I strongly suggest you get a lawyer after the birth if the mother continues reckless behaviour. In fact, I would be ready to get one before then, because often times bad habits won't die, and if she doesn't clean up her act during the pregnancy, you can bet she won't do it afterwards. This can be used in court as endangerment to the child. Whether or not you want to keep the child or place him/her up for adoption is up to you, but this woman does NOT sound like somebody who should be having children if she's being so wreckless and waiting so long to tell you she's pregnant. I hope everything works out for you, and congratulations. :)


keke - December 9

talk to her then if she still does it take her to the hospital because that can harm your your baby!


steve - April 19

take her to a clinic and show her the reselts to drinking when preg and tell her the possibilitys


marlyn - July 12

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Jessica F. - July 13

You need a lawyer, you need a paternity test they can do this while baby is unborn through an amnio, and you need this soon. You have right's as the father and I hate to say it but there is a chance she is just b__wing smoke.


HELLO! - July 18



Karen - September 9

I would get a lawyer and have that baby taken away the moment it was born. Any mother like this deserves their baby to be taken away. At least then the baby can grow up with a decent life.



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