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Kay - November 6

Hi there, My boyfriend and I have been TTC for 6 months, I came off the birth control pill in may and from then on i have had regular periods. WE discussed everyting together and were both really happy and excited to be trying for our own child. He has talked about proposing to me at xmas time so i do have my fingers crossed :) and obviously he has told me how he wants to be a great dad and husband etc. The main point of my question is that I got my period today that we had been hoping wouldn't arrive. I was very sad today and felt so disappointed and angry at myself for being yet again unsuccessful. I don't really knwo what he is feeling or thinking about this because he always says "oh its alright, just means that we can have even more s_x this month" and laughs it off. I know he is just trying to cheer me up but I jsut wonder what he feels about it deep down. Now you would probably say here: why don't u just ask him, but i have and he says that he's not worried because "it will happen eventually as the doctor said". Please give me words of advise all dads-to-be or trying to concieve men. I bought a "babystart" kit to test his sperm so we can get that option out of the way, he said he's quite happy to do the test because he thinks its me thats not ovulating yet (releasing an egg) because i came off the pill. This all seems so muddled up but i am so confused. The doctor won't start any tests until april '06 because she want sus to try for a yr first!! Please help, much appreciated.


xx - November 7



kyle - November 7

From a guys point, I have been where you are - and it was really no big deal... I figure it will happen when it happens... Men don't get frustrated about things like that like women do. Women worry too much which is probably holding things up. It took several years for my wife and I to get pregnant. I took the test, I was fine. She was getting ready to go in for her tests when she came up pregnant. Don't worry about it too much and relax. Men are like open books - when we're p__sed or worried, we'll let you know. Good luck!


Kay - November 7

thanks very much , ireally do hope he's not worried - in actual fact he's suggested buying me a fertlity monitor to see where we are becuase we never really know whats happening. I still wish i knew what he thought about it all though but your kind words are helpful, thanks very much. Anyone else?


suggestion - November 22

The only thing I can suggest is the ovulation predictor kits. My husband and I used one, and it's a good thing we did becuase I ovulated much later than we thought I would. That month I got pregnant! Good luck to you.


New Daddy - November 22

Kyle is absolutely right on the money - men generally DON'T worry about it. In my previous marriage of 8 yrs, we tried like there was no tomorrow. I did the sperm count thing, she went through two surgeries to work on her tubes and uterus. The outcome was unfortunately negative. I dreamed of having a "little one" in my arms but felt that if it's not meant to be, then it's not. I wont lie, YES i did want a baby, but i couldn't let it control my life to the point of insanity. Women take a very much different standpoint on this issue and I totally respect that. However, we are males and we have two heads with two brains, so dont read too deep into what he is saying. He's being completely honest with you. REMEMBER - men tend to think more logically about life issues.



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