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redeem - October 29

Okay here's the scoop. My girlfriend and I were using a condom, but when I came and then pulled out, the condom had gotten stuck inside her, and it stayed in her for an hour before she could flush it out. The thing is, this was the day after her period, a really heavy one, had ended. Not only that, but she was complaining about soreness in her ovaries. She had just come off of some herbal depression medication that didn't really work, and also stopped her period for two months. Now her sore ovaries are no more, and she's been feeling nautious, much more than usual. Is it possible that I got her pregnant? If so, could that mean that it could be more than one? I heard that sore ovaries could be because of multiple folicle growth. Please answer.


Jbear - October 30

She should see a doctor about the soreness and heavy periods because she might have an ovarian cyst. The day after a period ended isn't likely to be a fertile day, but anything's possible. Most women don't experience nausea until they've missed a period, the most common first sign of pregnancy is sore b___sts. If the herbal depression medicine she was taking was st john's wort, you have to take it for six weeks before you start to notice any sort of change. To keep the condom from falling off inside of her again, you need to pull out as soon as you ejaculate, holding onto the rim of the condom. If it does fall off inside of her, you can use a finger to reach in and get the condom out, which is much easier than trying to "flush it out" for an hour.


Jennifer - November 4

I agree that it would be unlikely for her fertile time period to be right after her period, but it's not without the realm of possibility. A friend of mine concieved during her period, which is supposed to be pretty uncommon. I'd make sure she got checked out.



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