When Guys Say Quot It S Not Mine Quot

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Kay - March 18

I have been with my boyfriend for over a year, in January I found out I was pregnant. We had been trying to have a baby. My boyfriend is very loving and caring with my 6 year old son, and I think he would make a great dad. He was so anxious when it came time for my period, and when I was late, he started being... not as excited. Then when I took the test and told him, he said "So? It probably isn't mine." Then he came around, and was happy, rubbing my belly, and just being there. We went for an ultrasound and he was so cute, the looks on his face! But then I find out he has still been expressing to his family that he has doubts.. also to his friends. I haven't confronted him, because in the meantime, he tells me he loves this baby, it's ours, he'll be with us forever, etc. WHAT IS THIS? Is it like an involuntary movement to say those three little words when a girl gets pregnant??


lilly - March 19

i would like too know that too, when i was pregnant everything was great. but once he was born, my bf was saying he wasnt his because he looked dark. now my grandparents are native, i looked dark as a baby but am now white, he is white but his stepbrother is 1/2 native. he was convinced that his stepbrother was the father, dumb a__s!! anyway so eventually realized that genetics play a role. sorry for rambling, but i toowould like to know why do men do that?


aisha - March 20

The father of my unborn child said it wasnt his either...Im only 13 weeks tho..i sent him the sonogram and told him he Better let me know if there was any genetic illnesses in his family..which he did..Im sure when the babys born hes going to say that its not his..it doesnt matter to me because it is and if he doesnt believe me hes going to have to believe the dna test that hes going to have to pay for to find out what i already know


Sherie Black - March 24

Girl, dont worry about it. when the baby gets here, get a test if he thinks the baby still isnt his. If the test comes out and he is the daddy... and he still dosen't wanna act right take him to child support and make him take care of that baby. The baby wasn't made by just you. It takes two.



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