Why Do Guys Cheat When Wife Is Preg

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Elizabeth - August 11

What a joke "why dont u give him what he wants so he doesnt have to get it from somwhere else?" marriage isnt a contract that says "i will have s_x the second u want it" and life isnt all about wat one person wants. u must be single bill to have an outlook like that, or ur one of the guys that cheats. s_x isnt everything. hope everything works out for u stacy!


Cindy - August 11

That is just totally messed up. For you to cheat on your wife is bad enough, but to do it when she is pregnant with your child is just down right WRONG. Learn some control. Pregancy is tough for women. I have a good idea for the guys, Take a good handful of tobacco and swallow it. Get your stomach nice and upset, have the cold sweats, the vomiting,,,, do you feel like having s_x now? Welcome to our world of pregnancy.


bill - August 11

This is pointless. No one is saying cheating on your wife is OK. The only point I've wanted to make is that just because your pregnant doesn't stop a man from wanting and needing his wife. Pregnancy does affect the libido. Some women can't get enough some could careless. I would scream at the men who don't give it to their women when they want it too. I just think that it's unfair for someone to hijack someone else s_xuality. I personally believe s_x to be a good and needed thing in a relationship. A relationship lacking in physical intimacy is a problem. This isn’t about orgasms people.


... - August 12

Bill- No this isn't about orgasms but it IS about how selfish and insensitive you are! Every woman does not react to pregnancy the same. And until you have another HUMAN BEING growing inside of you and YOU have to deal with all the changes and aches that you grow through as a woman I suggest you STOP judging your wife. She is carrying your child and the LEAST you could do is be caring and supportive to her because you have NO idea what it's like!!! Maybe if you tried to be more loving she would come around, you act like this s_x drought will last forever, she is going thru right now so stop being a jerk and love and support her until she feels up to s_x again!!!!!!!!!!!!


... - August 12

Bill- AND if your relationship is based on s_x you don't have a relationship anyway. So don't blame the lack of s_x eventually YOU would've found something else wrong with her and would try and justify your selfish feelings!!!!!!!!!


Sorry - August 14

My wife was pregnant and I did not cheat. I think any decent man will not cheat. If he cheated it was not because you are pregnant. It is because you have a naughty husband. Take it from me, your husband cheated on you for reasons other than your pregnancy and I think you need to address these... good luck and I truly am sorry to hear of this.


Barbara - August 25

stacy,Iam in the same spot you are in I"M due this nov.my husband and I have a great relationship we are bestfriends but this is the 3rd women that I have found out he had s_x with, we have great s_x and 3 kids back to back we have no money prombles and all our friends get along I want to leave but I to do not what my kids to have stepparents and I want to be the one to raise my kids not half the time or part time but full time so I will try to make this work for as long as I can he said he loves me and we have a great marriage just the whole s_x thing, it is hard but how do I know that the next man I will be with will not cheat on me??? so for me I will do what is the best for my kids after all I brought them into this world and my own step dad was bad and I cant take that chance with my own kids. I wish you the best


Stacy - August 26

Missy - So sorry to hear what you ex did to you. I almost cried when you said you were alone in the hospital. I'm so glad to hear everything worked out for you. Barbara - I hope everything works out for the best for you and you can keep your family together. Thank you for your nice reply.


Ebony - August 28

I found this thread trying to figure out the same thing Stacy. Except with me it's more suspicion than anything. But regardless, men have NO CLUE what we go through when we are pregnant. Sometimes I wish they knew what it was like to be in our shoes for one day. They wouldn't lastI am 3 months pregnant and this feels like the worse ever. My husband went to Conn. this weekend and went from calling me to giving me 1 measly phone call. Except my reaction to that when he finally did call was loud mean and nasty, not to mention what I did to his clothes. The point is, holding it in and excepting it is not good. I did that during my last pregnancy and lost my child when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant. Tell him how you feel about it. It may help you in the long run...


oh boy - September 1

Ok, now that I am pg, my dh won't even TOUCH me. He's had an affair before Years ago, so is he doing it now, or does he find me repulsive? I feel fat and ugly and he doesn't tell me other wise. I dont' even get kisses anymore. and I am only 3months along. what am I gong to do for th enext 6?


tcw - September 2

to the ones who say we stick it in and don't care what happens...wrong.. Men cant get pregnant... If we could, we would make d__n sure it was with the right person before it happened...not after... as for cheating...men like to have s_x...sperm are cheap and eggs are expensive... in other words...we cast our seed to the wind in hopes they find a bloom to re-produce... its nature... we have 100 times more reproductive power in a pin sized drop of s____n than a woman has eggs in her whole life..go figure...what to do with all these soldiers...enjoy life


Tim - September 2

What a huge bunch of c___p. No ladies, most men DO NOT cheat on their wives simply because they are pregnant. I NEVER did, thru 7 pregnancies. Of all my male friends, who are quite honest, none have cheated- except one, who DID NOT want to become a father and was tricked into it. Yes, that does happen. He has no hope for the relationship nor does he want one with her. Can't even say as I blame him. For those of you who have cheating husbands... I am sorry you got stuck with a loser like that. Oh, and one more point....most (near all) men I know DO NOT find their preg. wives unatractive. You really underestimate a lot of men.


BS - September 4

CONGRAT's to the primitive men on this site who never learned self control!! I've never heard more B.S. in my life than from those of you saying you cant control yourselves while your wife is going through more discomfort and pregnancy related stress than you will ever understand. And for the man who wrote the comment about the pharomones.....I believe humans have evolved enough this day in time to take more responsiblity for their actions. You may be right about the pharamone thing, but I believe that was something that ensured the continuation of the human species at the time of the homo sapians (who were too primitive to know how to handle a relationship with another human being). I really hope that you and your body has kept up with this evolution.


nm - September 8

i just have to say if your husband is cheating on you while your pregnant not only is he hurting you but putting your unborn child and also you in danger with all the c___p that is around these days and I am sorry but a woman that would sleep with a man she knew was married and had a baby on the way is a "ho" and if she is a "ho" then she prolly has all kinds of nasty things growing down there....My ex cheated on me now he is my ex I gave him no second chance I took my self to the doc and got checked out to make sure that jerk did not give me anything!! Now I am happily re-married and I know my hubby would not cheat on me not while I am pregnant and not ever he is just a good guy and when I am not feeling like it he has a nice magazine collection he can turn to ha ha lol that is his "other woman" and you know I can live with that!! good luck but I would say get rid of that bum...before he gives you what ever the skeevy s___t he is sleeping with has!!


Compet_tion with other doll - September 10

I'm tempted to say that every woman should have a b__w up not pregnant replica of herself in the closet for their husband but I won't so that I won't offend anyone ... OOPS I already did sorry ... forgive me I don't know what I was thinking .


Newdaddy - September 10

Hi, I just felt I had to put a word in here. I’m a first time Dad to be and very excited about it. I had to leave for work related reasons and I came back and she had totally changed. She said she was not sure she loved me any more, she did not late me have any say in picking out the babies stuff cribs close ext…. She went and bought a house and put it under her name and said if we ever get back together that I would have to look at it as paying rent because she would not put me on the house. This was a house we were suppose to have together. I tried everything to make it work, I tried to compromise on things but in so many words she said its my way or the highway. I’m really thinking of moving on but then I really want to be there for the kid. Is it wrong to want to move on? Now don’t get me wrong I will be there for the kid if I do leave. But it will be only a few hours a week and devastating child support. So either way she wins. If I stay she gets her pockets lined and if I leave she gets her pockets lined with my money. I have no problems supporting that kid but I don’t want her to profit off me. Especially if I only get a few hours a week. I don’t know what to do move on or stick around and try to make this work. Which will mean that I have to cave in and just let her do what she wants. What should I do!!!!!! help



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