Why Do Guys Cheat When Wife Is Preg

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Newdaddy - September 10

Hi, I just felt I had to put a word in here. I’m a first time Dad to be and very excited about it. I had to leave for work related reasons and I came back and she had totally changed. She said she was not sure she loved me any more, she did not late me have any say in picking out the babies stuff cribs close ext…. She went and bought a house and put it under her name and said if we ever get back together that I would have to look at it as paying rent because she would not put me on the house. This was a house we were suppose to have together. I tried everything to make it work, I tried to compromise on things but in so many words she said its my way or the highway. I’m really thinking of moving on but then I really want to be there for the kid. Is it wrong to want to move on? Now don’t get me wrong I will be there for the kid if I do leave. But it will be only a few hours a week and devastating child support. So either way she wins. If I stay she gets her pockets lined and if I leave she gets her pockets lined with my money. I have no problems supporting that kid but I don’t want her to profit off me. Especially if I only get a few hours a week. I don’t know what to do move on or stick around and try to make this work. Which will mean that I have to cave in and just let her do what she wants. What should I do!!!!!! help


newdaddy - September 10

PA law favors Women, it would be a long up hill battle with virtually no hope of winning any ground.


This sucks - September 10

I favour women too and I hope you do too because women are best for child rearing ... it's a pretty hard thing to dispute even if a man could be supremely trained at child rearing we don't even have the right parts . I just think she sucks and I'd love to send her an e-mail to tell her how much of a b___h she is . anyway keeps ties with your little one and fight her if she wants to shut the door on that ... you won't loose .


sarah - October 5

sorry that your going thru that since i was just weeks pregnant he started chaeting yet we have been dating for over 8 yrs i believe he has never loved me cos if he did this shd hav been the most wounderfull thing so i hav considered quiting its all i can do .otherwise am dying of pain


kelly - October 18

My fiance (we were only engaged for two weeks, and got engaged on our daughter's 1st birthday on Oct 1st) just cheated on me with one of our friends and i'm 6 months pregnant again...but I'm moving out and going to do it on my own because i think it's not worth being with someone who really doesnt consider my position or how is actions affect us and our kids..so instead of kissing a mouth i dont trust i think i'm just going to tough out being a single mom at 19 and going to have two kids right before my 20th...i know its tough but do what you feel is best for you and your baby..


to newdaddy - October 21

This sounds like a typical case of postpartum depression. It's very common and in some cases, the new mother gets "crazy" for a little while. You may want to suggest that she sees a specialist although she will probably get very very mad after you mention that... I have a few friends and acquaintances who went through this. One left her devastated husband for her dentist. Few months, she realized what she had done, saw a specialist and had to be put on drugs. SHe then came back and was lucky enough that her hubby understood. I don't know what else to say... To Stacy, I am not in your shoes but it sounds like you deserve much better... Men who cheat, cheat period. THey would wether you are pregnant or not. I wish you the best of luck.


ug - October 29

because wives are for breeding- girlfriends are for fun


Enough Already - October 30

Can we just let this thread die? It's been since July. I'm sure the original poster has moved on. I'm sick of seeing this in my inbox.


sarah - November 3

i think that men naturally take the woman they are in a long relationship with for granted. It dosent matter if its marriage or shacking up. The only time some men care, is if they think "if they slip up my woman will leave me". Your pregnant with your second child. He's not scared of you leaving him. It's called "taking someone for granted". They all do it. Not to the extreme of cheating but... that comes along with him not respecting you.


Texa__sdf - November 9

Strangely I was very attracted to my wife when she was pregnant with our daughter. It was almost a fetish, I had never really considered pregnant women attractive before making love to her while she was pregnant. Now it is sort of an addiction, whenever I see a pregnant woman I want to make love to her.


to Stacy - December 3

I'm sorry if your husband is cheating. My boyfriend thinks I'm more beautiful each time my belly gets a little bigger. He's a wonderful man! You absolutely deserve a wonderful man, too... and a partner who is realistic about life & women in general.


samantha - December 5

.... of course we will probably never find a actual cheating husband on this site... only the ones that think that pregnant women are hot would visit sites like this and post things.... the other ones (the cheaters) are obiously busy doing other things instead of being involved in pg.


Andie - December 5

My boyfriend told me when I was 7 months preggo that he found me[insert full body shiver here]. He wouldn't touch me once I was poking out over the top of my low rise jeans. He wasn't cheating with another woman, but he spent about a hundred dollars a month on online p___n. It continued after I had our son, and it just got to me. I don't look like those girls, I never will, and my thoughts are, if he's window shopping for a corvette, he's not happy with the station wagon he has at home. I told him it was the pretty, perfect little whores on his computer, or me. He made his choice, and thankfully for both of us, he trashed his hard drive with the p___n on it. Sometimes guys have to be smacked and told to be happy with what they have, instead of thinking there is something better out there. Don't mean to offend all the guys here who say they love pregnant women, but not all of us are that lucky to find one of you.


13laurajane - December 3

hi i am laura and i have a lovley fiance, but scince i have become pregnant i have become paranoid, i shoudent but my all my emotions are all up the wall, one second i am happy then sad then angry and its so confusing, i am just worried that he is going to get fed up with it and leave me, scince i have become pregnant he has his off days and just dont want to know me, i have been has nice as i can to him as its not just me going through with the change but he is as well, i just dont want him to fall out of love with me, i just feel that i dont have any control over my body.


stacyk3107 - December 16

Wives are not for only breeding. Ug you are ent_tled to your opinion and I am ent_tled to mine. That comment is completely uncalled for. Cheating is never ok even if you do think wives are for breeding and girlfriends are for fun.


coolest chick ever - December 19

Okay. I am actually having s_x with this really hot guy that HAS a pregnant wife. I have wanted to ask him why he waited until she was pregnant to cheat, but figured it was none of my business. The s_x is ridiculously good. I mean REALLY good. He has all this built up s_xual frustration because his wife has always hated s_x. So I'm on the guys side on this one.Sorry girls. Don't kill me.



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