Why Doesn T He Like Him

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brwneyedbbydll - September 23

Hello ladies and guys, I havne't been to this site in about 10 months, ever since my son was born but I am having a huge problem....my son will be a year in Oct and he doesnt' seem to be to fond of men but inparticular my husband...everytime he tries to play with him he runs to me or away from him or when he is holding him he pushes him away. We have a friend staying with us and joseph reaches out to him and follows him. The same thing with my brother inlaw. Joseph always plays with him. It really bothers my husband and latley I can tell its getting him depressed. I tell him just to give it time but he is worried that he will be deployed soon. Oh one more thing my hubby never disiplines him or is aggressive to him in any way...So How can I help the situation, why is joseph like that towards his father? PLease help!!!


musicbaby - September 23

Hello, I am pregnant at the moment so havnt gone through this or anything but I did read an article on this very thing and my friend had this happen with her little girl. It said that at the age of one or so your baby doesnt have much control over their environment. But they have started to notice that they can create certain reactions in you. So its a control thing and they are supposed to grow out of it. My friends little girl loves her daddy a bunch and shows it now - she is just about 1.5. It lasted a few months and was very hard on both of them. Its common and should go away. I feel for your husband it must be hard for him, especially knowing that he is going away. Chin up he will grow out of it. :-) Hope that helps.


Cat24 - February 5

brwneyed have you ever considered that maybe your boy acts like that because his dad is barely ever around? how do you expect a baby to look up to his dad as a role model if he is never there for him? it does affect the baby when they are so used to one parent and then the other parent pops in and out whenever they can.


mjvdec01 - February 12

I would have your hubby take a week or two off work and stay home with you and your son. Ask your friend to stay with another friend for that time period, or move out entirely. This way your son will have some substantial time with his daddy to bond and get to know him without another father figure in the house. I think the house guest is probably part of the problem. I am guessing he is around more than your hubby. Your hubby is in the military? If he has leave available have him take it.



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