Wife Is Too Joocey

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ernesto - October 17

My wife is preggeros and she wants oral but she is so joocey and gooey I can't bear it. I am in mental distress. If she dooches before will that help?


. - October 17

she cant douche because it will mess up the natural balance of her v____a which is - as you've noticed - is already off... just be honest and tell her that oral s_x isn't appealing to you right now because of the changes ... stress she is still s_xy, but not in that way right now... she is probably aware of her extra secretions and is a little embarra__sed by them... she cant help it though, so go easy on her and be kind in your explanation... good luck.


hmm - October 17

Maybe you can suggest a s_xy co-shower. You could do it right then, or just a little while later. But she should not douche right now. I don't think it would be a good thing to suggest even if she could. Right now she's probably super sensative. Oh yah, and make sure to keep this in mind when you ask her for favors.


hmm - October 17

I forgot to say that it is nice of you to consider looking for a solution. good guy


... - October 18

Tell her you read online that oral s_x can be dangerous during pregnancy, because air can get into the v____a and cause an air embolism, which is fatal to baby and mother. I've read it lots of places, online and in books. Not sure how air would get into the v____a during oral, it's never happened to me, but it's a legitimate concern. Don't tell her she's too juicy, she can't help it and it will only p__s her off.


to ..... - October 18

My doctor ADVISED oral s_x when we couldnt have s_x because of complications with the pregnancy...


a - October 18

Shower is a great idea. What about keeping a steril face towel near you? I myself don't mind the extra secretion. From time to time just wipe your face.


True or False ? - October 19



dew - October 20

I have a problem with the "jooces", trust me she is well aware that they are there. Even if she takes a shower the "jooces" will come out when she get's h__y. if you just can't bare it just tell her, but be nice. But try and try before you say anything to her.


: ) - October 27

Cover it will saran wrap. You won't get wet!


sick - December 4

you guys are disgusting


to ... - December 5

Duh. Read a little more carefully on the subject... the answer's right there. It gets in the v____a if the partner BLOWS AIR into it. I've had plenty of folks perform oral on me, and not one has been dumb enough to do that. I can't see how it would be pleasurable anyway... just annoying.


huh - December 10




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