Wife Only Wants Kinky Stuff

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Chris - July 9

Now that my wife is pregnant she is in the mood all the time. She wants to do kinky things I don't feel comfortable about, especially while my baby is in there. It makes me feel dirty and like a bad dad. Is anyone else's wife gone p___nstar now that there a bun in the oven?


Jbear - July 10

That's how I was during my first pregnancy. My husband has never been uncomfortable with anything I wanted, but then we've been married a long time, and sometimes it's nice to try new things. She's probably afraid you're going to lose interest in her because of her changing shape. If something makes you really uncomfortable, explain to her that it's just not your style. Tell her you're willing to talk about her fantasies, and make talking about kinky things part of your s_x play, but don't feel like you have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. My husband and I tried everything, and we did find some things we really liked, and still do, but not everyone has the inclination to do strange things.


To Chris - August 1

I feel like I've turned into a p___n star!! I'm almost 7 months and think about s_x all the time. I never liked p___n, but now I find I think about it all the time. My husband is acting somewhat like you. My doctor said that the increased blood flow to that sensitive region is the causes the "p___n star" behavior. The baby has no clue whats going on, just relax and enjoy. Soon you'll have a baby to take care of and no time for s_x. Enjoy while you can!


needing it - August 2

I hate you. My wife is 13 weeks pregnant and I haven't had s_x in 13 weeks. She doesn't want anything to do with s_x or me. I'm sorry but I don't think you have a problem. I on the other hand have a huge one.


Jbear - August 3

To "Needing it", sometimes once a woman is out of the first trimester, she starts feeling good enough to think about s_x again, especially if she was having trouble with morning sickness and fatigue, because those usually end with the first trimester. Try offering to rub your wife's back, legs, etc. and see if that turns into an opportunity for s_x.


shawn - August 3

you dont have a problem man, you have an advantage haha. my wife is 5 months along and we havent had s_x since she got pregnant. and frankly we rarely did it when she wasnt pregnant we did it mabye once a week if that.


Missy - August 9

This is sort of what I am going through. Well before I became pregnant my husband and I had experimental, adventurous s_x. When I started showing it became 80 year old man s_x. When I was pregnant with my son I didn't want to be touched but this pregnancy I want it all of the time too. I have also heard that the increased blood flow to the v____a can either make s_x irritating or very inviting. If I were you I would take advantage of the situation because your lady could go into complete b___h mode from not getting s_x--which is how I currently am. Or she will feel you don't love her enough or find her attractive anymore. I am just saying this because this is how I have felt. Also keep in mind (I still have to remind my husband of this) that the baby inside of her is feeling absolutely nothing. Not only is there a huge mucus block, but a cervix and a bag of waters separating you from the baby. Or you could look at it this way. If your wife becomes distressed then so does the baby. So do your duty and don't freak out. :)


can't have it - August 10

man u do not have a problem u have a blessing . my wife = no s_x she is 6 weeks pregnant and i havent had s_x 6 weeksso i say get it while u can because when the kid's are home and u can't find any privacy u know the rest.so do your stuff and the kinky stuff if shes not causing pain nor wants pain given whats the harm in trying it may spice it up.


p___n star peggy - August 17

I hope my husband is ready for this, last time I hid my p___n star tendencies. This time its a__sless chaps and nipple clamps all the way! lol


Chris - August 17

To JBear - I know you mean well with your advice but I am trying to keep my wife out of the mood, not into it. Its not the baby in there that bothers me its all the wierd stuff she wants me to do. I don't feel comfortable doing those things with her.


To Chris - August 19

Then tell her. Honey, I don't feel comfortable with .... What is she asking you to do? Does it involve a strap on? Please give us jsut a hint.


chris - August 19

She wants me to humiliate her and I don't feel right about calling her names and peeing on her while she's pregnant. I don't think I could ever pee on anyone. She even got me in the shower and was like try it here and I couldn't do it. I tried for about two minutes and it wouldn't come out and I know it never would.



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