Will My Wife S Original Personality Come Back

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Stressed Man - October 13

My wife is at the end of her 1st trimester and I don't know who this woman is-she is always tired and cranky and I am lucky if she even acknoweldges that I exist. Will she every return to the woman I met and fell in love with?


E - October 14

I am sure it must be hard to be on the other end of pregnancy. Please be patient with her. The first 3.5 months suck so badly. I was miserable and slept an extra 3 hours each day. I couldn't eat a thing and didn't want my hubby to touch me. That has pa__sed fortunately. She may have a hard time adjusting to the pregnancy and it is up to you to know that hormones are responsible for this. Plan on loving this new, beautiful woman who may or may not return to her old self. I am sure she will but you never know. Once the baby is born she will be sleep deprived and will likely be cranky again. It is all for something beautiful. Good luck and stay strong!!


Lil - October 28

I know what you're going through, or at least my husband does. I am 16 weeks today, and my poor loving wonderful husband has been putting up with this psycho, moody, crazy b*tch, me, for months. We used to have s_x every day- several times a day, we used to cuddle and kiss all the time, but not anymore. Now I have no interest in any of that. I feel terrible, but I don't know what to do about it. I want to kiss him, but I smell everything, even breath makes me feel sick. I don't know what to tell you Stressed Man, but hang in there, we don't mean it, it's just this strange thing that happens. I can't wait to be back to normal.


Stressed Man - November 4

Thanks for the answers - actually things have been looking up for the last week. She is still tired but our physical life is starting to come back and we talk and laugh a lot more now than in weeks past.


E - November 4

Hugs for you!! That is wonderful to hear:)


Paramedic W - November 20

Sorry to here everything you are going through , but let me tell you I'm going through the same thing. My wife who i love to death is 14 weeks. Let me tell you i barely know the woman that is my wife. It is very hard and i am hopeing that she will be my wife again. But i love her and i know things will get better, stay in there.


Nikki - January 10

She will eventually. There are some things you can do to help. Be patient with her. This is the biggest life changing event the two of you could possibly go through. Not to mention that it can severely wreck havoc on her hormones, affect her body image and confidence. Make sure you are helping with the baby in different ways (changing diapers, helping in the night, etc.) Encourage her and keep the baby yourself sometime so that she can have some time to herself. Even if it is only to take a long bath and read a book for awhile. If she seems to be having post partem depression, help her to get some medical attention. Sometimes if it is really bad, medication will help for awhile. Don't give up on her, show her love and affection and consideration. This may help more than you could guess.



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