Will The Father Come Around

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lonley - July 19

I`m about 10wks and have told the father,he is not happy at all with the news.We have been seeing each other for about 10mths.I would ask him to use protection he would not.Before i got pregnant that is all he talked about was having baby.We have not had s_x since I told him the news.Will he come around in time?


Ellen - July 19

Lonely,I'm sorry to hear that the baby father is being an a__s.I feel your pain though.My mother tells me to give my boyfriend time and he'll come around.They don't get excited until the second trimester.Just do your thing and keep your confidence up.Your a fabulous girlfriend and he needs to understand it's "our" pregnancy.Not "my".


Julie - January 26

Hey sweetie I know you feel, I am 5 mths pregnant and when I got pregnant my boyfriend was not happy at all but he has come around quite abit to be honest and I just had the ultrasound the other day and dragged him along and he was absolutely fascinated to see his little girl. Give him time hun. he will come around and if he doesnt then there is not much you can as we have no control over other people. All you can do is give that baby all the love in the world.. But I am pretty sure that he will come around.


Judi - February 10

I'm sure you had some doubts and fears about your pregnancy, and maybe still do. The father of your baby probably feels the same way. It's a big change, to suddenly be responsible for another life. My husband was unhappy when I got pregnant, although we had been married for four years. He was pretty miserable throughout my pregnancy (it was high risk and extremely complicated), but by the time my daughter was about a month old, he was the proudest pop anyone could imagine. Also, this might sound mean, but you sound like you're blaming your partner for your pregnancy. You could have used some kind of birth control as easily as he could have. Since neither of you used anything, it's not fair to blame him entirely. Better yet, look at the situation as both of you wanting a baby.


Dee~ - February 13

I think you got some good advise. Im 10 weeks too and i told the father to be when i missed my period. He was cool with it even though we arent together and live in different states. After about a month he turned around saying he didnt think i was pregnant and he was told by a dr that he couldnt have any kids and basically that when i have the baby hed take a paternity test. It seems a woman cried wolf with him before ..in any event...after i cried my heart out cause i wanted to be friends at the least(no desire to be with him)..I figure that IF he really was told he couldnt impregnate anyone and he thinks im lying then maybe he really does want this to be his after all it will be his one and possible only if his lil fishes dont swim that well.(lol)..Im stubborn and my gut said F him..who needs him(i have 3 already from marriage with a deadbeat father) so i have GOOD training in dealing with a man who runs from responsibility...but then i was like give him time ...give him time..eventually he will have to deal with this in the meanwhile do like me...stay healthy, focused, committed and spiritually clear because if you dont then you will be a wreck. Good Luck



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