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srigles - February 8

My 3 month old son had a doctor's appointment today, and we were told he's "on the small side" and in the 10-25th percentile. The doctor didn't seem overly concerned, but now I am. Keegan was born almost 5 weeks early, and weighed 5lbs, 1oz at birth. He's now just over 3 months and is at 13lbs (and 23 inches). Does this weight/size sound really low to anyone? I thought he was doing great! And also, apparently his soft spot is starting to fill in. I didn't think this was supposed to happen for quite a few months! Anyone else had this happen? Like I said, the doctor didn't seem too worried, but I'm all worked up over it. And I'm probably worrying about nothing, right? I just love the little guy so much and I just want him to be healthy!


Erynn21 - February 8

My dd was 13.5lbs at her 4 month checkup and was 25 and 3/4 inches long, she's in the 50 percentile for weight and the 95th for height, she's really long and lean. My dr didn't seem concerned, she said the main thing is that if they are meeting milestones and such that is the most important thing. He was 5 lbs at birth and now weighs 13 he's gaining well, my dd was 7lb 14 oz and was 13.5 at 4 months it sounds like he's growing well to me. My dr also measured my daughter's head and it was in the 75th percentile and she said that was really one of the most important things. I don't think I would be concerned. I personally think there is too much put into these charts, they just try to put everyone in a box and say you should be this, I just don't know if I agree. Ppl do comment that my dd is pet_te, but I think many ppl see so many really chunky, and huge babies, they aren't all big, just like all adults aren't big.


aurorabunny - February 8

Srigles...sounds to me like your son has gained GREAT from where he started! My ds was born a week late, just small, at 5 lbs. 6 oz. He is 7 months old now and only about 15-16 lbs. A month ago we started extra cereal feedings and baby food feedings to add extra calories, but nothing real concerning. Sound's like he's doing great to me. My little guy is barely on the charts!


Monica_WeinerBaby#1 - February 8

hey my son was born 3 weeks and 5 days early and weighed 5 lbs and 4 ozs he will be 16 weeks on sunday and his last appointment he was 13lbs and 24 ins long and they said he was in the 50th% which was perfect so im confused


luviduvi - February 8

My ds was 5 wks early and he was 5 14. He's a few day shy of 4 mths and he is just shy of 15lbs. I think your baby is fine. If you have a book ie "what to expect the first year" there should be a height and weight chart with the %'s. Look at what he would be if he was his corrected age at 2 months. If he is within the average %'s he's growing just fine.


sahmof3 - February 8

My oldest son started out at the opposite end of the spectrum. He was 9 lbs. 5 oz. and in the 90-some% at birth, but he started falling down through the weight charts right away and has been at the 20th % for height and weight for years now. I'm not worried, though... he's taking after my dh. And I know that he was 14 something at 4 months, so he was probably 13 something or less at 3 months!


srigles - February 8

Hey, thanks everyone. I feel a lot better! Also, I guess I never thought of the fact that maybe I should be using his "corrected age." Oops. Sometimes this whole new mom stuff is a little overwhelming - and possibly I'm a little paranoid, too. Thanks again everyone....



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