10 11 12 Month Old And A Vent

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jas - February 17

ok... I saw my best friend last week who I have not seen in forever (since I lived in Japan) and the first thing she tells me after meeting my son is "OMG, he can't hold his own bottle?" He will be 11 months the 24th. He pulls up on everything and is into everything. He can't say words although he babbles all the time. He almost said "cat" at my sisters house, but it comes out "cac" cause he can't do a "t"... I said it was close enough. But I was a little ticked at her for picking on him. Her daughter apparently was holding her own bottle at 9 months. Jadon can hold it - I mean, he isn't an invalid - he just dosn't know to lift it to get formula. He dosn't want anything to do with stage 3 foods either. Hates anything with rice (except the cereal). But will feed himself the baby cookies or veggie puffs. He does not know what to do with his feet once he is up, but he pulls up on everything - even me if I stand there long enough. I know girls develope faster then boys and I thought he was right on track, but with the movers taking my baby book (what to expect) I have no idea where he should be and if he is behind. What are your little ones doing at this point? Do you think Jadon is behind or is on track or what?


ssmith - February 17

Sounds perfect to me!


Hi - February 17

Some people tend to be bit ignorant of the fact that every baby develops differently.I would advise you to ignore her comments as she comes across to me as one of those types.Your baby doen't sound behind ,he sounds fine.Don't stress about it .Take Care.


shelly - February 17

he sounds well on track jas, dont take any notice,people are so annoying when they say isnt he/she doing this yet or doing that.


Lindsey - February 17

Yeah this is also something I hate, my ds is 8 months old and he is constantly being compared to my nieces (they are now 5 and 6, but my sister remembers everything). It really annoys me as I know George will develop in his on time. Jadon sounds right on track to me, like everyone else is advising, ignore your friends comments. Changing the subject, how are you enjoying England?


jas - February 17

not there yet, Lindsey.. 2 more weeks!!! Thanks ladies!


Selena - February 17

dd is 14 months old still won't hold her own bottle! Its not that she can't, she just won't and would rather not drink. She hold her sippy cup just fine! Every child is different and your sounds just fine.


cae - February 17

Jadon sounds perfect to me too. Nothing at all sounds like he is behind.


Rabbits07 - February 17

He sounds like he is coming along just fine. I will also tell you, and this may not be so in your case, but alot of times friends and relatives seem to "remember" their babies doing things a whole lot earlier than what they actually did. I have a cousin that swears her son was potty trained by 18 months and I know better because I remember being at a birthday party and her changing his diaper (and complaining about going to have 2 in diapers as she was preg) and he was over 2 then. In any case, even if her dd did do it that early, big whoop, it doesn't make her Einstein. Your ds is just fine.



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