10 Month Old Doesn T Eat

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iona - February 22

Hello! My dd is 10 months old and weighs about 18.5 pounds, she weighted 6.4 at birth. She is so skinny compared to others her age. She hardly eats. Some days she will just drink milk, about 5 bottles of milk. When she does eat it is just a few spoon fulls. She seems happy and can almost walk....Should I worry...?


ginger6363 - February 22

Is she underweight for her age? Have you mentioned her eating solids as an issue to her doctor? I wouldn't have thought this was a big deal, but I was talking to a friend with a baby who is 9.5 months and doesn't eat solids (baby food/cereals) with regularity. She only wants to b___stfeed and will only take a few bites here and there of food. My coworkers doctor recommended she take her baby to an occupational therapist to see if the baby has food sensory issues---doesn't care for solid food texture. Her doctor recommended giving the baby finger foods small chunks of stuff to see if she liked that texture better than pureed baby food. You may consider asking your dr. what she/he thinks about the situation.


iona - February 22

Thanks for your reply. I have a friend who only exclusively b___stfeeds her baby and he is 8 months. My dd still b___st feeds 3-4 times a day. I know I have milk, but I just wonder how much. She feeds till she is "full". My dd has eaten a whole jar of baby fruit but that is not often.


excited2bemama - February 22

No I don't think you should worry. Some kids are not interested in eating until 12 months or later. If she is still nursing she is getting plenty of nutrients from b___stmilk. At 10 months I would just keep offering food- probably try finger food. we just started solids with my almost 9 month old and she hates pureed stuff or anything off a spoon- she only wants to eat what she can self feed or stuff off dh and I's plates. Just keep offereing, keep nursing and when she is ready she will eat. You can't force them to eat. 18 lbs is fine. My dd has her 9 month check up in a few weeks but at almost 8 months she was only 15 lbs 5 oz.. I have 2 friends who have 11 month old girls who are onyl 16 lbs. If she is meeting her milestones and haveing plenty of dipers you are fine. By the way.. b___st milk has more calories and fat oz for oz than most solid food esp fruits and veggies. and there is a great book called MY CHILD WONT EAT. La leche league puts it out.



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