10 Month Old Nap Bedtime Problems

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fefer1 - June 28

My almost 10 month old has recently decided she doesn't want to go to bed and is very difficult at nap times. She was really good at going to sleep by herself after just a few minutes of fussing and suddenly she refuses to sleep. She will be standing up in her crib as soon as I walk out of her room - and I could put her back down a 100 times and she would keep getting up. I don't know what's going on - She takes a morning nap around 9 or 10 for 1 1/2 hrs and usually another one later afternoon 3-4:30 and goes to bed between 6 and 7pm.


Trinity102203 - June 29

Not trying to be funny, but have you tried punishing her (not just "putting her down 100 times") if she stands up in the crib when you leave the room or refuses to sleep. My kids get in trouble if they don't go right to sleep and stay asleep, and I haven't had any problems with either of mine (in general unless there is something wrong) going to sleep. (1 year and 3-1/2 years).


alverran - June 30

fefer1 I am curious myself, my dd (almost 11 mo old) is in the same boat, she was like clock work, down at 7:30, well, it's currently 9:51 pm and we are fighting to get her down, I really think she is teething. (No teeth yet). HELP.


Jody - July 1

You need to sleep train. I just finished and it really works! Put baby to bed, wait 15 minutes and go in ( DO NOT PICK UP ) and tell baby its bedtime, I love you see, you in the morning etc, and leave room. Keep going in 10-15 mins until baby falls asleep. They usually cry. do the same during the night. After 3 nights, your baby should have no problems going to sleep. Good luck P.S. You are basically CIO!!


fefer1 - July 2

the sleep training- well..I have tried that and it doesn't seem to work for her. She is stubborn! I have a book called "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby" and it was great up until now. I thought it was teething too but no teeth yet and teething tablets and tylenol don't make it any better. I'm starting to think it's separation anxiety - I just read that they can have issues with bed times because of that. I tried leaving a shirt in the crib with her to see if it works. Last night my husband had to put her to bed because I was out for a couple of hours and when I got home she was screaming in bed and my shirt was SOAKED in either drool or tears. She has started reaching for me when she's in bed - one arm out - half asleep. Maybe that's it - not sure though!


drea - July 2

I started having the same problem about a month ago when I would lay dd down and then she would just pull herself up a start crying or just playing and talking to herself. What I started to do was just let her stay there and do whatever it is that shes doing and eventually she will fall asleep, but I didnt go in more than once. I would go in the first time and say " ok now its time for bed, go sleepys (thats what I say :-)), give her a kiss, say I love you , and walk out. Eventually she falls asleep. I also leave a few toys and pacifiers in the crib so she can entertain herself. Hope this helps. Good luck


Mellymel149 - February 25

fefer1 - I know your post is almost 4 years old and this might be strange, but I am curious, how did you end up solving this problem? My situation sounds identical to what yours was, down to the reaching out for me, and in my searching and searching the internet I happened to come across this. (If you even get this message and remember!!) Thank you.



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