10 Months And Still Drinks 4 5 Bottles

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aubs - January 28

So, I read about all these other moms and their babies that are around Hayden's same age (10 months) and how they only drink about 3 bottles a day or less, and take the sippy cup a lot, well Hayden will take the sippy cup whenever and with whatever in it, but the problem isn't the transition but he still wants like 4-5 8 oz bottles a day!! I don't know what to do. I know every baby is different, but I really don't think he needs it, and I've tried giving him more solids, but that doesn't satisfy him, and he's getting really chuncky b/c of this situation? Any suggestions?? Please! I'm a first time mom, and maybe I"m just going about this the wrong way. Thanks!!!!


mandee25 - January 29

Sorry I have no advice. I am a first time mom too and my son is only 10 weeks old. I have the opposite problem. Somedays I don't think he gets what he should compared to what other babies are drinking at his age. I hope you get an answer. Good luck.


Angela in California - January 30

I've read a lot about this and up until a year b___stmilk or formula should be a baby's PRIMARY source of nutrition, with solids only as a supplement. Solids don't have all the vitamins, minerals and iron that a baby at that stage needs. A baby needs 24-32 ounces of formula a day until they are a year old. And cow's milk is nowhere near as nutrious for them. So, it sounds like he is doing ok. If you want to start weening him onto sippy cups, that's another matter. But, I wouldn't worry too much about it, as 10 months is still pretty young.


Shana B - January 30

My ds is 10 months also and he drinks about 5 or 6 bottles a day. I think that's still normal. He also eats 3 meals a day with snacks in between. You'd think he'd be huge but he's only about 19 or 20 pounds! I don't know where it all goes. Anyway, he drinks from a cup but not so good. I wasn't concerned though, now I'm wondering if I should be.


Shea - January 30

My ds is 12 months and still takes 4 8oz bottles a day, and 3 meals. Don't worry, just do what you think is right for you child.


Hana - January 30

No please dont worry, chunky babies are gorgeous!!lol but on a serious note i too have read that milk should be the primary food for babies until 1.


aubs - January 30

Thanks, you guys are all so helpful, I love talking to other mommys who know what they are talking about. I know that he and I will try and do what is right with him, but you know how it is when you just wanna make sure that you're doing what's right for them. I guess I Just feel like he should be changing a bit now from how he's been eating, b/c he's been on this schedule for awhile, and you see and hear all these other kids his age doing differently, but it's nice to hear that there are some the same, and that I guess I'm not doing anything wrong...such a first time mommy!:)



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