10 Months Getting Rid Of Baby Food

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wailing - April 9

Hi all. Ds is 10 months soon and we're basically giving him table food, except for breakfeast. He is still eating rice/barley/oatmeal w/ jar fruit, primarily b/c it's easiest and fastes in the a.m. What do u all feed lo's for breakfeast at this age? Also, what else do u do w/ fruits and veggies? He gets frozen peas and carrots he feeds himself. I boil brocolli and other veg's w/ some brown rice and sometimes I'll add jar veggies to his meals. He gets meats also at dinner. Just looking for some other good alternatives so we don't get too bored. ThX!


Mrs.Ireland - April 9

Wailing- Does your ds have any teeth yet? The reason I ask is because my dd is almost 9 months and I've been trying different ideas for food, but she doesn't have any teeth yet, so I'm afraid of most things because of that. :-)


squished - April 9

Same here. My ds is almost 10 months withe no teeth. I'm afraid to feed him a lot of stuff b/c I'm afraid he'll choke. He does has some things like mashed up mac and cheese, mashed pots, carrots, but not a whole lot else.


gurinsa - April 9

Hey wailing..my daughter will be 10 months this month. I am hoping to have her start to learn to feed herself so we have been giving her all kinds of diced fruit for breakfast (peaches, pears, apples) and some plain toast..cereal too if she still seems hungry..Same thing with veggies - diced carrots, green beans, peas. I bought a bag of frozen sweet potato fries (don't worry - their not fried, their in the shape of fry's) and she loves those. Also, gogurt (yogurt to go) packets are fun for her and she loves them!!


britt_m - April 9

I made a fruit smoothie the other morning as her fruit. Oh that was a hit, great for both of you! You can add cheese on top veggies for dinner. You can make soups, chicken noodle has been a good one here. Eggs for breakfast, altho egg whites are a high allergen so some peds recommend waiting til a year for the whites. I'll mix up some yolk in a little milk to make it more smooth. You can coat small pieces of banana or avocado type soft fruits with crushed cheerios for finger foods. I've also started adding milk to cheerios. Thats seems to be the only way to get my dd to take formula is through food, her iron is low so I do everything possible to give her iron rich foods twice a day with some OJ. Hope I gave you some new ideas!


JessC531 - April 13

My dd is 8 months old, and since trying finger foods at 7 months, she wants nothing to do with her baby food. We give her small pieces of bananas, pears, and apples. (She loves baked apples!) She loves peas, and little pieces of toast, bagels, or pasta. She's been eating chicken and ground meat. I still do cereal for the iron in the am (I'm bfing - no formula), but once we stop that, we'll probably just do toast/bagel and fruit. Oh and maybe some yogurt. BTW, she only has the top of one tooth sticking out, but she gums up the food no problem. Good luck!



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