10 Week Old Barfs After Every Feeding

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jodie - October 1

So my little one barfs after every time she eats. I feed her...then burp her and she barfs right away while she is burping. Anyone else have this?? She has been doing this from the start and I figured it was normal but I thought she would stop at some point. She is a br___tfed baby. She is gaining weight just fine (90 percetile) Should I call the doc? Or is it normal.


eclectic66 - October 2

when you say barfs do you mean spitting up or actually throwing? up because one is normal and the other is not


jendean00 - October 2

She might have acid reflux, you might want to ask your doc if she could have that.


excited2bemama - October 2

my 4 month still spits up at least 2-4 timesa after every feeding. Spitting up is normal- if she is projectile vomitting that is a different story. Also does she cry when she spits up or is she a "happy spitter"


aggie03 - October 2

yep, it will go away in about 2 months....my dd had the same thing sometimes it was what I would describe as projectile...but nope just lots of spit up. yuck! I smelt like sour milk til she was on solids


Cojeom - October 2

My cousin had the same problem with both her sons, they were eating well and gaining proper weight but were always spitting up and/or vomitting. It turned out to be acid reflux, I agree with Jendean00, ask the dr's to ck her. Just a little bit of medicine is all it takes for a few weeks and they should grow out of it.


jodsil - October 3

Jodie, I was having the same problem. It was not acid reflux but rather I was feeding him too much at each feeding time. Maybe you might be doing the same? Try feeding smaller amounts more frequently. Not sure how that works with a b___b.


DB - October 3

Well, It won't necessarily be gone in 2 months..I have an 8 month old who had terrible reflux...she was bf and was always spitting up, and I mean multiple times after feedings...and every now and again she STILL spits up (it got better at 6 months and we got her off the Zantac then)!! There is no magic age where it stops every baby is different..Just watch for signs of pain and irritation


jodie - October 4

She projectiles some times and just barfs it up the rest. It's never just "spit up". She doesn't seem uncomfortable she just likes to barf. I am going to call the pediatrician just to ask if I should bring her in. thanks!!


kelley - October 4

Jodie, I had the same thing with my DD#2, she would barf literally after every meal, sometimes it was projectile. She actually shot it off the front of the swing one time, completely missed the swing and splat on the floor. Kinda funny now, but it freaked me out at the time. I talked to my pediatrician about it, and she said that some kids just do this and as long as she was happy, gaining weight and having enough wet diapers during the day that I should not worry about it. It lasted until she was roughly 4 or 5 months old and she is now a very healthy 2 year old. Good Luck!



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