10 Week Old Constipated

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Lin06 - June 22

My 10 week old is constipated I think. He has been really fussy(not like him). He had a Bm a few days ago but it was really thick. I am feeding him enfamil with Lipil and iron. Any ideas what I should do for him. I called the doc he said to add 1 ounce water to formula 2 times a day.


Jamie - June 22

My aunt put a drop (seriously, just a drop!) of prune juice in my cousin's formula every bottle - she (cousin) never got stopped up.


cae - June 22

Hi lin06. I think many newborns do get constipated to some extent. Their GI system is still developing and maturing. Although, my son does fine with enfamil with lipil, I have heard from many that enfamil with lipil causes too much constipation for their LO. I would just follow the physician's suggestion and see if that helps, and if it doesnt maybe telling him that you are going to switch to a different formula. I just would not want to add 1 ounce of water for longer than it is needed, because I would be worried about electrolyte imbalances, giving too much water. But of course, you doctor would know more about that. Like I said, i would just do what he said, for a short time to see if this works, it not..call him back. Good luck.


Bonnie - June 22

Follow what youyr ped said. If this does not waork ask about adding prune juice. If that does not work (it didn't with us) discuss teh use of milk of magnesia. Constipation really needs to be treated because if they a__sociate pain with pooping they may hold onto it making it even worse. It can become a permanent problem as they get older. I would also suggest giving a suppository in the meantime to get him going. You can guy glycering or liquid infant suppositories (I prefer the liquid as Mason squeezed the others out his b___t cheeks, lol) at the local pharmecy. They are safe and not habit forming and will at least get things moving in the meantime.


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 22

My daughter is almost a month old and has had a lot of trouble with constipation. I give her 1 tsp Cairo Corn syrup in her bottle at night and first theing in the morning. I also buy those little bosttles of Gerber Apple Prune Juice and mix it half and half with water and give it to her. If that doesn't work, we take a Q-tip and dip it in vaseline and rub around the inside of her little rectum. If you don't get him unstopped he could get a fecal impaction. Extra water during the day, even sugar water, helps a lot. It is the extra iron in the formula that gets them constipated. I can not find low or no iron formula, my baby is on the Enfamil Lipil with Iron too.


Lin06 - June 22

I have been trying to find something with low iron but it seems impossible. Thanks for all of your replys.


TinaMarie - June 22

Hi, I would not do this with out approval from your doc but this was my experience. My daughter has constipation for about a month and a half. I tried everything, watered down formula, they had me giving her 2 oz of water with brown sugar in it, corn syrup etc. Finally the doc had me add 1 oz of prune juice to 3 oz formula. It was like night and day. She has never had a problem since then!! I hope you get worked out, it is so hard seeing them uncomfortable!


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 22

I use prune juice too, it works!



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