10mth Amp Still On Stage 2 Jarred Food

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Amy_mommy - February 12

my dd is 10 mths old & she's still on stage 2. she eats like 20-24 oz of milk in 24 hours, quarter of bowl of cereal in morning and 2 stage 2 jarred food. THATS IT!!!!!!!! SHE DOESN'T EAT! what about other 10 mth old babies? what do u eat???????????


Nerdy Girl - February 12

Don't panic -- There is nothing wrong with this. If she has teeth, you can start introducing some tiny little finger foods, but its likely she will still be getting the bulk of her solids from a jar at this age. My son is 14 months and I still keep a few jars around for when we go out, just in case I can't get him something appropriate to eat where we go. My older kid would have NEVER taken a jar at 14 months, but this little guy still will. So, every kid is different. If she is growing and healthy then just keep doing what you're doing and slowly start introducing new table foods. I used to (and still do) make a lot of food for my son. If you are interested in that, let me know and I can give you some ideas.


kellens mom - February 12

Dd is 10 months and is eatting and drinking the same amount. Possibly a little more milk, but not much. She is on stage 2 and 3 food. I will say that we initially chose stage 3 foods that were well blended. Also, we really thickened up her cereal to help her prepare for heavier foods like stage 3's.


Heather F - February 12

wow - my dd is 10.5 months old and has not eaten ba by food in 3 months - she feeds herself and she eats everything we eat just cut into small pieces. Can your dd feed herself? Have you tried letting her eat well steamed veggies cut into cubes?


Nerdy Girl - February 12

See, look at what Heather said compared to what I said - every kid is so totally different so you just need to see what works for your kid.


Rabbits07 - February 12

Mason still eats jarred baby food. I just introduced stage 3 foods about a week or so ago. He does eat some table foods, but I still give him jarred to ensure that he eats a good balanced meal. He likes self feeding, but a good deal of it ends up on the floor and I just like the rea__surance that ALL of the jarred food is actually making it into his stomach!


melissa g. - February 13

hey, read my post about Being at My Wits End! my kid sounds like yours! she wont eat squat and she turns 1 this week! when she does eat, its a combo of jarred food and table food, at this point. Nerdy Girl-- PLEASE pa__s on your ideas! my dd did seem more interested in feeding herself finger food rather than being spoon fed but now she mostly just likes to play with her food!


Nerdy Girl - February 13

Well, my son still likes to be spoon fed so I make a variety of things that use either mashed potato or those tiny little stelline pasta as the base. I will add cooked shredded chicken, cooked peas, other cooked veggies diced really small, grated cheese, etc. I make a big batch, free it in silicone muffin tins, and then pop one of the little frozen "hockey pucks" into the microwave to feed him. He also likes tiny noodles (orzo, stelline, alphabets) with sauce and ground beef. Now since your dd is only 10 months, some of these noodles might be too large for her to manage yet so stick with the stelline. I love Annabel Karmel's cookbooks. She also has a website where you can register for free and see some recipes. If you do that, check out the Cheesy Pasta Stars which is a mix of tomato, carrot, cheese, and b___ter pureed over stelline noodles. It looks like mac-n-cheese and both of my kids loved it as babies.


Nerdy Girl - February 13

I also puree fruit and freeze in silicone ice cube trays. I will zap those in the microwave and mix into oatmeal. This is a great idea especially for those bananas that you need to use up before they good too brown and need to toss! Now that he's 14 months and has 16 teeth (zowie!), he also likes to eat regular cereal with milk. I still spoon feed it to him, but he will eat a bowl of rice krispies or cheerios the same way that you or I would. As far as finger food, try some cut up waffle or pancake. Those are always a big hit.


Heather F - February 13

for breakfast I will spread fruit puree in between to waffles and then cut it into small pieces for her to feed herself, this way she is getting a fruit with the waffles.


luviduvi - February 13

My first lo never really moved to level 3 foods. Not until somewhere around the 10 mo or more. By then, we started experimenting with table food. I'm sure things are okay


Amy_mommy - February 13

nerdy girl: what is stelline? what brand of pasta are easy to cook & softens easily w/o cooking for more than 25 mins. all my pasta are like cooked for more than 25 mins and i just that's way tooo long......!!! my 10 mth dd, just doesn't open her mouth when spoon comes near. i've tried diced up pieces of small dumplings, but she just won't eat it. i've tried bread & she just spits it out after like 2 bite...ughhhhhhh


Emmie - February 13

My son is going to be 10 months next week and all we just started some stage 3 foods. I am trying to do it every other day for lunch. My son will not eat breakfast(but he sleeps until 11:00 every day). For lunch he eats 2 stage 2 jars or 1 stage 3 meal and sometimes the dessert. Then for dinner he eats a bowl of cereal for dinner. I found this little book and for 8 to10 months old you should eat-26 to 28 ounces of milk; 8-12 tablespoons of infant cereal; 6-10 tblspns or veggies; 6-10 tblspns of fruit and 1-3 tablespoons of meat a day. For 10 to 12 months the amound of formula goes down and the food goes up just a little bit. I hope this helps some.


Nerdy Girl - February 13

Stelline is the name of those tiny little star noodles, like the ones in Campbells Chicken and Stars soup. I never cook noodles for 25 minutes, just as long as the box says to. I think my stelline is Prince brand, but I will check. Acici de Pepe is another one that is really really tiny and easier to find than stelline sometimes.


Amy_mommy - February 13

do u find these in grocery stores? which isle?


Nerdy Girl - February 13

With the regular pasta in a regular grocery store.


Nerdy Girl - February 13

Whoops, it is called "Acini de Pepe" not "Acici de Pepe". Orzo is OK for older babies, but if they aren't used to chunky stuff I still think orzo is kinda big. Stick with the stelline or acini de pepe.



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