11 Month Old

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carmendanielle - February 24

Hi Ladies, I haven't posted in ages, but I still read faithfully! I have some questions about feeding my 11 month old daughter. I feel like she is in a new stage and I have no idea what to do! Here's the scenario. She still eats cereal twice a day, she eats a lot of finger foods ( fruit, vegetables, cheese, toast, chicken,etc.) and still eats pureed baby food if I offer it to her. I feel like she is at the age where she should be off baby food in a jar, but I'm so worried that she isn't going to get adequate nutrition without it. When she eats finger foods, it takes her FOREVER because i cut them up in small pieces ( if they are too big she will put the whole thing in her mouth and gag). I don't think that she eats nearly as much in finger foods as she does when I feed her. Also, should she still be eating baby cereal? If so, till what age? What do you offer your baby as an alternative to baby cereal? Do you still feed your baby with a spoon, or do you let your baby take the spoon and try to eat for herself? Or do you just give all finger foods? Ahh! As you can see, I'm very confused. Any help would much appreciated!


melissa g. - February 24

it sounds to me like your baby is doing awesome! my 12 month old dd is super picky and getting her to eat ANYTHING is a ha__sle! I have heard that lots of babies that age eat a combo of finger foods and baby food, and that baby cereal is fine even at age 2, if they like it! (mine has started to rebel against baby cereal) When she eats something non-finger food, I feed it to her on a spoon or off my finger -- I think letting my dd feed herself with a spoon would be a disaster right now, I think I'm going to hold off on that for a few months. Great question tho -- when do most kids start to feed themselves with a spoon? But back to your topic, I think it sounds like she's doing just great!



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