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Shannah - March 8

i don't usually leave these types of posts but OH MY GOSH, i just sat down and ate 12 shortbread girl scout cookies, can you believe it!! i am going to feel like c__p in a little bit! just thought i would share, got to love those days! :) anyone else have some good stories


k.p.j.e. - March 8

Uh.......I do that like every day shannah. I think I have eaten at least 2 cadbury cream eggs every day since Easter candy came back out into stores. 12 cookies? Yeah I wish...maybe after each meal lol


k.p.j.e. - March 8

Btw I am 34 weeks pregnant if that makes me sound a little better. Actually that probably makes me sound worse...


Lchan - March 8

12 girl scout cookies is nothing when you've been pregnant for 9 months and bf for 10 months. I ate a whole sleeve of thin mints the other day.


Pea Pod - March 8

i didnt let dh buy girl scout cookies this year because i have no control! right now i wish i had some licorice. i guess its a good thing i don't have any. its been a rough day so a bag of licorice wouln't last long! =)


sahmof3 - March 8

I haven't had a girlscout cookie in AGES!!!! We have all boys in this neighborhood... seriously, we do... it's uncanny!.... but my best friend's one employee was selling them and I ordered 3 boxes... and it will take a lot of willpower to not be the only eater of the cookies lol.


sahmof3 - March 8

... and I'm neither pregnant, nor nursing, so i have no excuse lol.


LisaB - March 8

Dam the girl scouts- I posted something similar to this the other day. Not preggo or b___st feeding just a big pig I dont even like girl scot cookies that much. kpje- I love those cadbury cream eggs Easter is my fav time of year just for the candy. YUMMY


Shannah - March 8

well, lets see! i order 2 boxs of the thin mints, GONE, 2 boxes of the peanutb___ter ones, GONE, 2 boxes of the purple box cookies with the coconut, GONE, and two boxes of the shortbread, which i am on the last sleeve and only have half left since the 12 cookies, so thanks gosh they will ALL BE GONE and i won't be eating them anymore. don't even get me on the EASTER CANDY!


Hi - March 8

I tell ya what those girl scout cookies get me every year.We had a lil scout come to the door 2yrs. ago and bought 6 boxes.So here I'm thinking I got me an inside source,lol.That little brat never came back and here I was going through D.T's ,lol.So this year I found info. online to get them to come to ur house.I couldn't take any chances so I bought a case,lol.The caramel delights are my fav's.


mcatherine - March 8

Shannah - my husband orders Tagalongs (Peanut B___ter Patties - guess it depends on where you live) by the case. I am not kidding. He bought three cases this year and eats a box at a time. I just try to pretend they aren't there. No one is allowed to bring thin mints or the coconut ones (purple box) into the house. They need to change cookie season to the END of the summer!!


ssmith - March 8

My dh & I can eat a whole dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts in one evening!! Those are the best nights ever!


Allie - March 8

I had 8 of the lemon's last night...my husband said we need to buy more for him, and I said NO, I will eat them all if he buys more :) I have also been known to eat a sleeve of thin mint's in one setting. and my daughter is a brownie, so she sells them...complete access all season...I need will power!!


krnj - March 8

I have to have ice cream every night!! (Even before I got pregnant again)


Jennifer28 - March 8

I didn't even like sweets until I got pregnant. I though after I had dd it would go away, but nope! I have to have something - anything sweet to snack on at all times. It sucks. Maybe after I am done nursing it will go away... one can hope anyway. ;)


Shannah - March 9

I had a few more before bed. i just have no will power when it comes to those. i only have a few left so today should be the last day of girl scout cookies but i am sure i will move onto something else.


mcatherine - March 9

Shannah - I am glad to hear that you will run out soon and no longer be tortured by the thought of those sweet little cookies sliding into your mouth... :o) :o)



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