12 Day Old Vomiting

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r1209 - October 15

My 12 day old baby is generally eating about 4 oz. every 3-4 hours, but the past 5 days he's thrown up 6 times! At least once a day, and usually after he eats an entire bottle. Everyone is telling me not to worry because he's probably just eating too much, but I am starting to worry a little. Should I start calling the doctor? Or should I just cut back on his feeding to see how he does?


JerseyGirl - October 15

12 days old and eating 4 ounces already? How big was your baby at birth? If you're a first-time mom, and someone tells you not to worry, don't listen to them. Not that I'm saying there's something for you to be worried about, but if you've never been through this before, how can you not be worried? Anyway, I'd call the doctor - it's what they're there for. However, I do think 4 ounces is a lot for such a young baby, unless he was really big when born. My 4-month-old didn't eat 4 ounces until he was like 8 weeks old I think!


angiedk77 - October 15

My 2 week old DD is going through the same thing. Atleast once a day after one feeding she vomits everything back up. This is my 2nd child and it concerned me so we took her in to the Dr. on Friday. The Dr. said that she could have reflux or she could be overeating. She gained 7 ounces in 7 days, so she's not losing any weight, which is a good thing. The Dr. said that with a newborn if you stick a bottle in their mouth they're going to suck on it whether they're hungry or not. She said if DD develops a fever or starts vomiting after EVERY feeding then we need to contact her. I think that's a sign of pyloric stenosis. I would contact your Dr. and have your little one looked at just to be safe.


suze42 - October 15

call your doc to be sure...but it sounds like he is just maybe eating too much at one sitting...try spacing it out a bit. My DS did that a few times when he was little, where the whole bottle came right back up. He was fine.


wailing - October 15

When u say vomiting do u mean real vomiting (forceful) or just spitting up alot?? My ds used to spit up alot in the beginning also. It looked like alot anyway, b/c the milk would mix w/ mucus and comeback up (after most feedings). That is normal for newbies to do in the beginning as long as they are gaining weight, don't seem like it's painful, and don't cry alot during or after doing it. BUT, if ur lo is crying after and is throwing up forcefully then maybe it's GERD? I would call the Dr. then.


jen327 - October 15

Sounds just like reflux!!! They seem like they are vomiting tons, but it is really just a fraction of what they ate. But you should talk to your DR asap, if it is reflux the acid can cause damage to their esophagus without treatment. And like JerseyGirl said, don't listen to them. You will know when something is wrong in your gut. 4 oz is a lot but mine ate that much too!


Malica - October 16

We went through the same thing with our daughter. About once a day (usually in the middle of the night), she would spit up her entire feeding. We suspected that she was over-eating, but if we tried to stop feeding her when we suspected she has enough, she would protest loudly. A lactation consultant suggested as a last resort to use a pacifier (I was hoping to one day be able to exclusively b___stfeed, so a pacifier isn't normally recommended) because she might just want to suck on something to soothe herself. Sure enough, that was it! It took us about a day or two to break her from her overeating habit, but now she will refuse the pacifier if she's still hungry. Does your doctor know how much your son is trying to eat? 4oz at every feeding at 12 days sounds like a lot to me too



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