12 Month Growth Spurt

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jb - February 20

My dd recently turned a year old. For the past 2 days she has been sleeping ALOT! Normally she does between 12 and 13 hours a night. Well, for the past 2 days is has been 13 to 14 hours!!! She still has her 2 regular naps (2 hours in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon). He appet_te is down a little bit. She is healthy, no signs of sickness. I am figuring it is either a growth spurt or teething. Her poop has not been as firm as usual and she is biting more often. Anyhow, do babies even have growth spurts at a year old or should I just chalk it up to teething? She only has her bottom two teeth which she got at 8 and 10 months.


jb - February 20



jessb - February 20

Hey jb, Hmmm... I dont know. My dd just turned one year as well. Her sleep hasnt changed and she has been eating MORE,she has been a little piggy lately. She has a runny nose and a cough, so I think its just a cold rather than teething. If yours has been biting more than normal and has had loose stools i would think its teething. The sleeping more could be a growth spurt. So... I guess my answer is that it could be both!


Topaz - February 20

This sounds exactly like my dd two weeks ago. She also started sleeping more than usual and wanted to nurse all the time. She was also perfectly healthy. Then she started gnawing on her fingers and I realized it was teething. I tried to look up info on growth spurts at 12 months but couldn't really find anything at the time. It might be a combo of both for your dd, I think it was for mine.


Lisastar9 - February 20

Yes they do have growth spurts at 12 months. But she also could be teething,not bad though cause teeth makes kids sleep less.


jb - February 21

Thanks for the replies. I think teething too. I guess only time will tell for sure!!


cae - February 21

Hi Jb. Happy Belated Birthday to Bridget! Ethan also slept a bit more than usual right before he turned one. He usually sleeps12 hr a night and takes 1 nap in the late morning for 2 hours. Then for like 2 weeks he was sleeping like 14 hrs a night and was taking a 3 hr nap, a few times he took a 4 hour nap! I think it was a growth spurt. I think soon Bridget will get back to her regular sleeping habbits.


jb - February 21

Thanks Cae! I am sure she will be back to 'normal' soon too. I figure once daylight savings time hits she should be back to normal....then we will have a time issue!! At least this time around it is in my favor!



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