12 Month Old With Stomach Flu Not To Sure What To Do

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Whitney - July 8

Early this week me & my dh both had the stomach flu & were vomiting & nauseous on & off for about 2 days. I thought my ds just didn't catch it as he seemed fine for days, but this morning after breakfast he threw up about 3 times ... really badly too, like he was crying really hard, some vomit was coming out of nose, & then he was dry heaving allot because he had nothing else left to come up( sorry, if tmi - but he was really sick). I gave him a bath & tried to give him some water, but he refused the water, & now he's taking a nap, but I'm not to sure how to treat the stomach flu in a 12 month old. Me & my dh just took some gravol, ate crackers & sipped gingerale until we felt better. But should I try to feed my ds again today, & what should I feed him? Is there any kind of anti nausea medication for babies? What should I give him to drink ... milk, water, juice? And at what point do I take him to the Dr.? Sorry about ALL the questions, but I just want him to feel better & I'm not sure what to do. Thanks!


Rabbits07 - July 8

Don't give him solids as long as he is vomiting. If you b___stfeed youcan continue to do that as your milk will have antibodies in it to help him fight it off. If he's formula fed or regular milk DO NOT give that to him. Pedialyte or another electrolyte solution would be helpful, too. With nursings or the Pedialyte wait 20 min. after he has vomited before giving it. Then only give 2-3 tbls. every few minutes....if he vomits that up you'll need to wait the 20 minutes again to allow his tummy to rest. Watch him for signs of dehydration....lethargic, sunken fontanel (if he still has one), no wet diapers for 6 hours. If you think he is getting dehydrated take him to the ER or Urgent Care immediatley as dehydration can be detrimental when they are that little. Some doctors will say as long as they are acting fine that they are not dehydrated, but that isn't so and I know from experience (long story..won't go into it here). If your baby acts fine, but shows other signs of dehydration and the doctor seems hesitant then insist on a blood test to make sure he's not dehydrated. As far as making him feel better, just cuddle with him if he will let you. Research has shown that babies who are in constant contact with their mothers recover from illness quicker than those who are not.


ash2 - July 8

definantly do not give him anything for about 12 hours if he is vomiting. you have to give his stomach time to relax. after about 12 hours, gently try to give him about 3 tbsp of water every hour for 3-4 hours untill he is tolerating and not vomiting . then increase to more and frequent. do NOT give any milk based products ( including milk, yougurt, cheese,etc) this will only sit on his stomach and spoil, and it will come up again. try some pedialite, or even gatorade because it will replace electrolites that he is losing while vomiting and diareah. when you first give him food, normally after he has not vomited after 24 hours, then start off with the BRAT diet . ( bannanas, rice, applesauce, and toast) this is low in sweet, salt, and oil and grease and will not irritate his tummy. also, if he has not eaten or drank anything after 24 hours and kept it down after last episode of vomiting, then take him to ER right away. they will probally either give him iv fluids or zofran and monitor dehydration. good luck.



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