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aubjenwat - February 25

Ok, i really need some feedback about this, and please dont think im crazy...i have a 12 month old and he is alittle on the thin side 19lbs and his heigh is 31in..do you all think that is 2 small?? well the reason why i ask is because he does not have any intrest in food, i've try to make everything for him, he'll eat pasta and rice and chicken....bannans and toast alot of breads, crackers, cheese, but as far as most fruits and vegges he'll spit it right out, he wont take stage three baby food, he'll only eat table food, and its hard because i read online what 12month olds should be eating for everymeal everyday and he doesnt do that, like ex today he had b-toast and bannans L--yougert D-pasta cheese and broccile(didnt spell that right) thats like nothing, what didi you all do to get your one year old to eat better meals? recips anything would help..Pease


julie316 - February 25

I would not worry, my son is about the same.. the doc was worried but I cant force my son to eat.. He has been refusing to eat for about 2 months. I feed him table food because he refuses to eat baby food.. Your son will gain weight in due time


AmandaManns - February 25

My son is the exact opposite. He will eat anything you stick in front of him. He loves all kinds of fruit and veggies, pasta, meat, juice, milk, I seriously have not found anything he will not eat. He wants to eat every second of the day, of course we do not let him, but he would if he could. He is 14 months old and weighs 27 lbs and is 34 inches tall. My friend has a little girl who is really tiny, she is 17 months old and she weighs only 21 lbs and is like 33 inches, and she has the same problem, she will not eat anything, her little girl won't even drink milk. She said her doctor wasn't concerned and said she would eventually gain weight and catch up with the rest of the kids, her doctor just thinks she is going to be a tiny, pet_te little girl. I wouldn't worry at all!!


Erin1979 - February 25

Once my daughter started refusing baby food, I stopped giving it to her. I gave her whatever she would eat. If that meant bananas and cheese every day, then that's what she had. As long as he is eating something, I'd say you're OK. My daughter was only 18 lbs and 26 in at 12 months. I know boys are supposed to be bigger, but as long as he is growing, I'd say he's fine.


Lisastar9 - February 25

I would venture to say if he is recieving the addiquate amount of milk liquid during the day,and he is eating something things he is doing fime. Remember everybit counts. My last baby barly eats solids but his is gaining weight steady. Oh he is turning 1 year on the 20 of March.


sahmof3 - February 25

My oldest was the same way! A real picky eater. He was only 20 lbs. and probably close to the same height as your ds at 1 year. I just let him eat what he would and hid small amounts of veggies under pasta... as LisaStar said.. every bite counts lol. He's a perfectly healthy 6 1/2 yo now and, well... still a pretty picky eater and still thin... but healthy ;-)


Lalla - February 26

my dd is 12 months too and she weights 20.6 lb and is 30 inches. She is also a pretty picky eater. but the past couple of days I have mushed up canned red beans with rice and a little bit of broccolie and she really enjoys it. I have also given her bread with turkey and artichoke mix on it. When my dh and I are eating I pick out chicken or pasta and feed her that as well - she seems to like when it comes from our plates. Luckily for lunch she likes to eat pureed veggies (i steem broccolie, cauliflower, carrots and peas and then I mix it in the mixer and add alot of oregano) dd really likes that - it is almost sweet and tasts really good actually! try to add some spices maybe - try hummus, tahini with pita bread etc. good luck to us all!!


ashtynsmom - February 26

My dd is 13 mos and 19 lbs, 31.5 inches. I think your son sounds just fine! My dd isn't a big eater, either. What she does eat, just gets ran off the second she gets back down to play!! :) Here are some things my dd eats ( not all at once!!) : B-toast, oatmeal, waffles, french toatst, pancakes, muffins, biscuits, bacon. Lunch/Dinner- Spaghetti, Mac & Cheese, string cheese, yogurt, applesauce, bananas, grilled cheese, b___tered bread, garlic toast, pizza, green beans, carrotts, potatoes. That seems like a lot to write, but trying to plan meals around that is difficult. That is ALL she will eat. We have tried so many ohter things, but she is just not interested. It has only been in the last 6 weeks that she would eat mac & cheeese, spaghetti ( mushy stuff) She used to pick it up and squish it in her hands, but wouldn't eat it. She finally tried it, and has been doing fine since. My dd quit eating jar foods around 10 mos, and the only pureed thing she will touch is applesauce. She likes to be able to feed herself and have some substance in her mouth.


melissa g. - February 26

my dd is 12 months, 21 lbs and 30 inches -- she is a VERY picky eater --your baby is eating a wider variety of foods than mine! she'll eat: yogurt, baby food fruits, soft cheese, HUMMUS (its her favorite), Gerber chicken sticks, mashed potatoes with gravy and that's about it. I'm going to just keep trying!


Emily - February 26

As long as he is eating he is probably okay. It isn't much but if he is getting milk too then that is the importnant thing. At one year my dd was on whole milk, but htat was the bulk of her diet.....



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